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I'm finally getting around to doing our scrapbook from our trip last August to SGOR. Now I'm finding that there are some things I really wish I had taken a picture of, like the sign outside the wedding office and maybe the sign above Valentino's since we had our wedding dinner there.


Is anyone up for a picture share? My pics are mostly SGOR but I have a few of SDR and some Dunns River pics. I'm sure we all have a lot of "generic" pictures (just scenery, buildings, etc)...and it would be great for those getting ready to go or those trying to make a decision as to where to go.


I know several photo site allow you to upload photos and others can download full res pictures. Hopefully it's okay to suggest this, if not could a moderator just delete my post?

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I think that's a great idea! I haven't been yet, but it would be great to have one place to go and see all the BDW brides photos. It would make picking resorts so much easier!

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