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GREAT BD Photographer in the ATL Area!

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I just wanted to post this for B2B or anybody wanting to do a BD shoot in the Atlanta area.


I recently posted that I found a new photographer who was trying to start a portfolio (or whatever it's called) of BD pictures. He has shot some amazing pictures from different cities around the world and honestly there just isn't money in landscape pictures or pictures of Paris, KWIM? So, he decided he wanted to shoot BD pictures. His wife is very supportive and seems like a really nice woman, although I didn't have the pleasure of meeting her. He has a studio set up in his basement of his home, which he is currently in the process of getting a building strictly for his stuido. He has some crazy computer set up, looks very complicated to use. LOL. He was really nice and laid back. I never felt uncomfortable or felt like I was in danger, and if you read my 'FREE BD SHOOT' thread you know what I'm talking about.


He is no longer offering the free shoots, but his prices seem very reasonable. I had the pleasure of doing two shoots, one at his studio, and one at the W Hotel. I did pay him $25 towards the cost of the room, which is all he said he wanted. Please keep in mind, this was a free shoot and that offer was only good for me. I am very happy with the 20+ pictures he has posted on his site for me to look at and choose from. There are a couple I think I look HUGE in, but guess what, I'm a big girl and I can't hide it all the time.


One of my main reasons for doing this shoot, since my wedding is a year away, is because, no offense, I have seen way to many skinny people doing them. I wanted to help Big Beautiful Women see that they can be just as pretty in a BD picture. I hope they will see these and say, "hey, if she can do it, SO CAN I!"


This was one of the most exciting things I have ever done and I would do it again in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact I think I will, closer to my wedding day.


So, if you're in the Atlanta area and want an great photographer go to:

Atlanta Boudior Photography - Skin Deep Images - Boudoir Photographer - Bridal Boudoir Photography and talk to Greg.


If you'd like to see my pictures go to the site, click on proofs, then Atlanta, then Samie. It will ask for a password and it's samie. Original....Right?

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If we'd like to see them?! Come on, you know we're picture whores!


Your man is going to love them! I like the tie shots the best. You're a hot mama!

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Originally Posted by Kristy! View Post
If we'd like to see them?! Come on, you know we're picture whores!
I know....what was I thinking? What is a thread without pictures to look at anyway?

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