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LF- Beachy Items for Shower

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Hi Ladies!


I'm looking for beachy items for my beach themed shower. I'm helping my mom look for deals, since she's on a tight budget. These are the things I'm looking for:


-Draping material for cake table -Nautical table decor (I already have candle holders) -Tablecovers -Bakery boxes for cupcakes (favors)

-Shell garland- would love to buy that!


My colors are "horizon" blue and lime green if that helps! Please email me at holliegmf@yahoo. Thanks in advance ladies!

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My mom is throwing us a beach shower theme too. The invitations are going to be a "message in a bottle." I am ordering them from oriental trading and we bought sand and small shells to put inside the bottle along with the invite. I think they are going to turn out so cute. She also bought tiki torches for $3 each from Big Lots. Just some ideas.

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