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Anyone have Pixel Skin Resurfacing?

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I was wondering if any of you have done the Pixel skin resurfacing and if so, did you like it or hate it? I had it done yesterday and obviously I was not too educated prior to doing it. I thought it would be pretty easy and not too painful because from everything I read that's what it said.

Well let me tell you, my experience so far has sucked! As I said, I did it yesterday and getting it done wasn't too bad. It kind of burned a little (I only did it on my face), but nothing unbearable. After it was over, my face was on fire! It felt like to worst sunburn ever! I looked in the mirror and my face was bright red. I couldn't wait to get home and put a cold, wet cloth on it....even though it was super sensitive to touch!

The hotness wore off by this morning, but was still sensitive. it started feeling like what a typical sunburn feels like after a few days....that tightness, crispy feeling! lol Anyway, I got up and looked in the mirror again and WOW.....I looked like an absolute monster!!! My face was dark red with purplish/brownish splotches all over, not to mention very swollen. I thought I must have had an adverse reaction, but after more research this morning, I guess it's pretty normal. This evening my face still looks way ugly and it feels like I have on a beauty mask right before you wash it off (very tight, dry, hard to move your mouth, etc). Hopefully this goes away soon and the new, fresh skin comes through!!!! I am freaking out since my wedding is in 2 weeks! YIKES! I so hope I don't look like Shrek in my wedding pics!


If anyone else have had this done, please let me knowif you had the same or similar experience and how it all turned out. I would post pics, but I know I would scare all of you!!! lol

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Hey Trayce, I haven't had Pixel but my MD did explain Fraxel skin resurfacing to me. Not sure if it's the same thing? Fraxel leaves some redness and mild swelling after treatment that does go away. He showed me on his face where he recently had it done.


I opted for IPL treatment (this was a year ago) just to refresh my skin and was pleased with the result. I had to avoid the sun afterwards and use sunblock daily.


Did you tell your MD about your upcoming wedding in Mexico? Ask your MD about what you can do to speed your recovery. May'be some of the girls on the forum can help out with their experiences/ideas?

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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