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Travel agent or online booking??

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Help please!


I am trying to figure out what is the best way to book for the all inclusive week for the wedding. Should I book with the Hotel? Travel agent or online? I'm not sure which one would be less expensive. I am assuming that with the resort itself, they only charge you accomadations and not airfare and airfare is $$$ from Montreal. Online I can find some great deals but in order to benefit you must wait almost last minute. Which I don't want to do. Some of my guests said they don't mind booking closer to the date but I am worried they won't have availability.


That is why I am thinking travel agency. Do they usually do group rates? And if so, do the guest organize their expenses directly with the agent or through me.....


The stress of this is actually keeping my from putting the deposit on the wedding week at Dreams Tulum!!!


I also wanted to know on average how much did Dreams Tulum cost for a week all inclusive?





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I highly recommend going through a travel agent: I'm glad we did, she helps us fix everything when our packages were cancelled due to the H1N1 flu. It helps a lot with the stress of having to deal with that on your own.

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