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Excellence Punta Cana Brides Thread

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Ok, Michelle....one more question. So sorry. How long was your reception? I had mentioned that the hotel wants to charge extra money for me to have a 4 hour reception verses a 3 hour. I didn't know you experienced the same thing.


Thank you soo so much for your help.

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I've also been speaking with Mercy recently. She seems more attentive, makes great suggestions, and has looked to me for questions to make my wedding better, than the other coordinators I've recently dealt with. Hope they don't change her before my wedding!


Oh Erin, I just noticed your wedding was one of the featured ones on photosouvenir's website. Congrats!

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Hey Debbie,


I never heard of that. Maybe its something they are implementing as of a certain date. My reception was supposed to be 4 hrs, but it did start a little late due to us taking so many pictures, but I think it was at least 3 1/2 and we did not get charged extra for it, only per person over 20 people.



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For the ladies that had outside photography, was the photographer who came with the wedding package(s) willing to work around your photographer? For instance, let's say the photo package you pick with the outside photographer will end around the time the reception starts- will the resort photographer take his packaged photos during the reception? Or will they only take ceremony pictures?


I've had NO luck with contacting the resort photag directly- I've been waiting for rates from them for 5 weeks now- they don't even respond to my emails. At first they said they were working on it, give them a week. I gave them two, and sent an email. No response. Sent them one 3 weeks later (this week) and still no answer. I guess they won't be getting my business no matter how good their pics are. *sigh*

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hey girls


I cannot get a hold of Ana for the life of me which is not like her at all. Anyone else having this problem? For those of you working with Mercy, can I have the email you are using so I can try her.




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Hey guys,

we just came back from OUR WEDDING as happily married couple at Excellence Punta Cana, AND... let me tell you.. it was AMAZING!

I've made a little review of our trip for all brides out here! WE HAD AN INCREDIBLE WEDDING. I've uploaded some photos, please let me know if the link doesn't work for some of you... I'll re post!

_______________________PHOTOS_____________________ ____________________


Picasa Web Albums - AnnaABradley - WEDDING! Augu...

__________________________________________________ _____________________

This place is TRUE romance. Every night they put rose petals in your room if you're on your honeymoon, wedding, anniversary etc, I could not have asked for more. They do what you do not ask them to do, all that you don't have to ask for and more.



ride is about an hour from airport, but it didn't feel like it at all. you get to see culture other than your own and that is a beautiful thing.

on arrival you are greeted with smiles, bags from your hands are taken to your room and you are handed glasses of champagne.



the grounds are incredible. they clean everything ALL the time. I Am talking even the pool gutters are scrubbed one by one. every piece of this huge hotel is cleaned DAILY, mopped daily, scrubbed and is in amazing shape and so beautiful. the pool is scrubbed and cleaned daily in the morning. your rooms are cleaned twice per day with turn down service to come back at night to.

all we could say is wow. we are very well traveled, but this has been THE best experience and we will go back every year for sure.



I am sure by photos you can imagine, it really does look that way. Actually on their website..that is exactly what it looks like. All we could do is say wow, and sit there and take in the beauty. there are no neighbor hotels and beach stretches as far as you could see. beautiful white SOFT sand. your feet sink in to this sand while the crystal clear water surrounds and bathes your feet.

water is WARM. ....again wow wow wow.

it's NOT crowded at all, beach is huge and most of the time you can feel alone if you want. at night there are hardly any people there because it is so spread out. during the day there are so many seats, beds and etc that you can be in a group if you want or by yourself with no one around at the end of the beach. you can also walk down the isle where NO one will be at all.

waiters come to you with drinks ALL day long. whatever you want.



amazing. 8 restaurants - great menus, you can get whatever you want.

the GRILL filet mingon steak was one of the best steaks I've ever had and rivals many 5 star steak houses in the US. not like other resorts in mexico and jamaica that serve small or thin cuts and do not cook properly. this steak will be perfectly cooked every time.

the italian restaurant and mediterranean were exceptional.

french chateaubriand to die for

fusion restaurant offers wife variety anywhere from sushi to your regular broccoli and beef to fish in oyster sauce and pad tai. VERY good.

the pizza is great.

for those who say they need more variety... i am wondering WHAT else could you POSSIBLY want.. there is EVERYTHING, and i mean literally everything here to eat..

for breakfast there is huge buffet, and it really is ANYTHING you want. I will miss the smoothies with your choice of about 20 fruits.

lunch ..wow





every drink you could ask for was made to taste perfect as they should. they use as much alcohol as you want and if you want more - hey it's all inclusive you can have it and they are not shy about it



i had my nails and my hair done for the wedding

BRIDES: YOUR HAIR WILL LOOK PERFECT. I brought a photo of what i wanted...and i think she got every curl exactly like the photo had it. Not even kidding. i was amazed and VERY happy.

nails looked great!


ROOM. we had a club room and every night we had rose petals, towel animals. etc - ROOM SERVICE ANY TIME OF DAY and however much you want. breakfast in bed is great also use it!

huge bed, flat screen tv. ocean view is AWESOME.

beds are nice and pillows are soft

shower is clear for romance wink.gif

they had bvlgari everything



i was breathtaken by what they did for this...

we came in to the restaurant ..everything was set up with rosepetals candles, personalized menus printed with design, notes, the table looked like it was out of a movie.

they served us all whatever we wanted to drink and bottles of champagne.


we had 14 people there for the wedding



can i say wow?

i will post photos, but this was out of a fairy tale and EVERYTHING I have ever dreamed of.

the flowers, the decorations, the beautiful beach, WOW

we ordered the video and it was great

my husband is a photographer with photographer friends so we had 13,000 pictures from our wedding thanks to everyone with professional cameras. My husband also took all the pictures of JUST me and my bridals - he is amazing and the photos look breathtaking.

his friends took photos of the ceremony.

and WOW.

everything was perfect.



they set up a dinner just like rehearsal dinner with music and decorations, everything perfect again.



THE ROMANCE HERE IS NON STOP. they treat you like kings, and my new husband and I were in paradise.




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Glad you had such an amazing experience and wedding..sounds as great as mine was..your pictures are very exciting to look at..you guys make a beautiful couple.


I saw your review the other day on tripadvisor, mine just posted on there as well. Wishing you happiness always...



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