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Photographer Needed for Negril...Approx Cost?

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#21 Stamperamma

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    Posted 02 September 2009 - 06:12 PM

    OMG I just got off the phone with Diane and she quoted me the same thing. I think the prices are fabulous, we had a wedding planned here, circumstances happened, anyways our photographer for 8 hours was 1200.00 and her photos were not near as good.


    #22 Taylorbride

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      Posted 02 September 2009 - 06:25 PM

      I went to a wedding show here in ST. Louis and found three photographers that would go just for travel expenses. I let them know what I wanted and what I was willing to pay and they were excited b/c they were interested in expanding their portfolio. Basically I have a photographer for three full days for $2000 he will give me a a cd and copy right release of all my pictures. Also an album with 300 photos. Also, an engagement session.

      #23 mswhatever

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        Posted 04 September 2009 - 04:41 PM

        I also just signed on with Diana. It's official!

        #24 ashly87

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          Posted 05 September 2009 - 02:02 AM

          Taylorbride, I am also from the St. Louis area and went to that expo! Would you mind sharing which photographers you spoke with about those prices/arrangements? Thanks!
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          #25 jross52029

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            Posted 05 September 2009 - 08:19 PM

            Originally Posted by mswhatever
            I just spoke with Diana Campbell with digital memories collection. She quoted me $1200 for all photos (prewedding, wedding, reception) on a CD, a dvd and a TTD session. Wow! She didn't just send me price sheets, she called. What do you ladies think?
            You will love Diana. She will go out of her way to please you and make you happy with your wedding memories

            #26 Tara956

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              Posted 14 September 2010 - 06:32 AM

              Her work is TERRIBLE....I have seen at least two weddings she photographed....I would recommend both Sun Gold and Misha Earle in a heartbeat though....

              Originally Posted by honeesweetie4u 

              I am using a photographer I found while in Negril. She is with Elite Upscale Weddings in Negril. The package that I chose was arougn $350 and it included a photo album and a check list of poses that I wanted.

              Hopefully this helps

              #27 Soontobe Mrs201

              Soontobe Mrs201
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                Posted 13 February 2012 - 11:29 AM

                I am getting Married at Mirage Inn in Negril. The ladies at Elite Uppscale Weddings are Planning our wedding. While visiting their store in Ochie Rios I looked through their Wedding Pictures <Very Nice> I was told they do NOT do photogrpahy and that they never have. So I mentioned the post by Tara 956 and was told that she is NOT a bride but she is a photographer who they chose not to do business with. She is an amateure photographer and she has been giving them poor reviews on photography lol which they do not do. The owner said that they only sub out their Photography to Sungold, Misha Earle or Catina Bryant of CC Daniels. When planning a DW it is difficult enough with the resorts not returning our calls and "Shaddy" vendors in Jamaica. With fake reviews like the one she posted I think it wrong and not appreciated by nervous brides such as my self.


                BTW: I did great good service from Elite Upscale and they refered me to Queen Bee Bridal Hair and Make Up. Both were very friendly. Hope this helps more than this old Negative Fake Review


                #28 Soontobe Mrs201

                Soontobe Mrs201
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                  Posted 13 February 2012 - 11:51 AM



                  In Dec 2011 I and my Fiance visited Elite Upscale Weddings location and they were very friendly and professional. I was to get all of my vendors booked while we were in Jamaica. I mentioned to the manager I still needed a photographer and was told that they do not do pictures that they send every one to Sun Gold or 3 of thier Independant photographers <Micha Earle, Catina Bryant or Stacy Clark> I mentioned that   this post was up about their work being Terrible. The manager called the owner and she apologized about this and went on to explain that Tara 956 is actually a photographer and this was a fake post < I did notice this is the only post she has>. She then recommended that I look at Tara 956 <zenofolio . com> and Sun Golds websites and see who I would like to work with. NEEDLESS to say I booked Sun Gold $1575.


                  Now Listen, It is hard enough that us DW Brides are dealing with the uncertainty of resorts not returning our calls and planners who are involved in the Wedding Mills and all of the reviews of being rushed along. With people like this who post fake malicious ads it makes it even worse. I think it is unprofessional and down right silly.


                  I checked alot of sites and here is a list of MY Top 5 Picks.


                  All of my reviews are based on wat I saw not malicious ignorance.


                  Top 5 Location Mirage Inn, Moon Dance, The Caves Rock House, The Palms. Photographers The Afore Mentioned and Marcia R. Tropical Visions, Planners "Hands Down" Elite Upscale Weddings and Arie at Negril Escape both of these planners returned my calls and I SAW THEIR WORK awesome. Hair Stylist and Make Up Queen Bee Debra Barrett. If you need any more authentic information send me an email. I am glad to help. I am so disappointed at Tara <Bad Picture Taker:(

                  #29 Soontobe Mrs201

                  Soontobe Mrs201
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                    Posted 16 February 2012 - 10:20 AM

                    Ladies beware of fake posts. I did sign on with Elite Upscale Weddings while my fiance and I were in Negril. I did decide to use all of their vendors (with the exception of the baker. I am still unsure about the cake there). I mentioned this post and I was immediatly told by their manager that she would like for me to speak with their Owner Jai. She was very nice and apologized  for this post and advised me that this post was made by a disgruntled photographer (Notice this is the only post she made and hasnt made oone since. Also she has a zenofolio photogrpaher website...hmmmm) Well I was assured that Elite Upscale has NEVER done photography. All of their work is sent over to Sun Gold, CC Daniels Mischa Earle or Stacy Clark (established photo journalist).


                    I was in panic about  planning our wedding. No one was returning my calls and that is the reason my fiance and I returned to jamaica on this mini vacation. Well when people like this post fake reviews it is not only misleading it is Malicious to Brides like myself dont really know what to think or which way to turn. I am thankful for all of the help I have gotten from this forum and other brides.


                    While in Jamaica I will tell you honestly Elite Upscale was phenominal their location has everything you need for your wedding and they are the ONLY Bridal Boutique in all of Negril I was very impressed with their work (Lots of Photo Albums in their Store of Their Actual Weddings).


                    The first day I was their they made an appointment for the next day for us to meet our vendors<:) Nice


                    So thats it I will post another post with my pictures of how everything went. And I will be uncut uncensored and HONEST :)



                    #30 Mssoontobe

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                      Posted 13 September 2012 - 04:46 PM

                      Google "Destination Wedding Photographer Samantha Bauer" and you will see on her pricing that she has a destination sale.


                      Plus she is amazing to work with. We used her locally, but seriously, I loveeed having her shoot us. She is HILARIOUS and knows how to make you laugh.


                      I think her new site is www.samanthabauer.com

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