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New York City!

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Hi Friends!


I was surprised not to see a thread here for New York City, which is where I am living/working now (I am a transplant here). I just thought I would start one-- and share a few details! You don't have to have a million dollar budget to get married here. We can't have our own wedding here because our guest list would be out of control (My FI has TONS of extended family here who would demand invites). But let me share a few ideas for anyone considering this option!


Did you know that NYC just opened up a new multi-million Manhattan Marriage Bureau? They are trying to rival the wedding industry of Vegas:



Here is the link to the city clerk, with lots of info on requirements and licenses: City Clerk's Office - City of New York


Its also easy to get married in Central Park. You need a permit, which is very cheap (like $25) in most areas of the park. Pretty! More details here:

Central Park The Complete Guide at CentralPark.com


Hotels in NYC are dropping their rates to crazy low prices right now-- most are experiencing 50% occupancy rates, which means there is lots of room to negotiate room blocks for family/friends. Cheapest months of the year are July, August and January through March.


Another idea I love is having your wedding actually AT the florist shop, surrounded by their lovely flowers (that you don't have to buy!). I have no idea what this costs, but it looks unique and lovely: Banchet Flowers :: Events


And last random thought is a beautiful spot for receptions in Lower Manhattan called Battery Gardens (inside the confines of Battery Park). The food is so-so, but the views of the harbor and Statue of Liberty should make up for it: Welcome to Battery Gardens


Anyway...just some ideas for you. If I can help anyone considering NYC, just let me know. Happy to help... so many of you have been so helpful to me in helping me plan wedding, which looks like will be in FL in April or May 2010!




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I am a Floridian considering getting married at the Waldorf=Astoria next spring.  My entire bridal party and all of my guests would be traveling from FL. I am having trouble finding a travel agent that specializes in destination weddings in NYC. If anyone has suggestions, please send them to me. Thanks.

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