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What a bummer... what would you do ?

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Today, after being VERY patient with my wedding coordinator still not answering the questions I asked her on February 9 (yes you read me), I called the hotel... to learn that she was no longer working for them !


Great, thanks for informing me ?!?!?!?!?


Apparently, it's only dating from last week (I guess she must have been busy getting her new job rather than working on my wedding...) but still I would have apppreciated some update (from either the hotel, or herself, as apparently she kept her email up and running !)


Long story short, she went to work for an "event company" - not even sure this is a wedding corrdination company - and she's going to contact me next week. WTF !? If I were to work with an external WC I would have picked up my own ! I don't even know how much this is gonna cost me given that I don't have a contract with her, or her new company !!


I don't know what to do now. I could research an external WC (starting from scratch, right where I was at Nov end) ? Knowing that my wedding is less than 2 months from now so... I know it can be done, but how many WC will still have the date open, that's the question !! Or, I can still go on with her, capitalizing on the work already done, knowing though that I absolutely DO NOT trust her any longer !! Last email I received was three weeks ago saying she would get back to me shortly, and still nothing (although I wrote to her at least three times since). Or, wait two more weeks until the hotel get a new WC - but them what if I don't like him/her ? What if he/she quits again, right before my wedding ?


What would you do ?


Pfff, what a bummer. censored.gif

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Wow, that is a real bummer. I'm so sorry this had to happen to you. If I were you I think the best thing to do would be to search around for somebody else as it seems like her priorities are focused soley on herself IMHO. Maybe while you're searching for someone else the hotel will get a new one that will turn out to be great. Like you said, others have done it in 2 months before, but I can imagine how much stress this is causing you. Hopefully something wonderful will come out of this. Good luck! Again, very sorry for how she handled this with you!!

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This is definitely a tough situation to be in. Personally, I would speak to a general manager at your resort or someone else in charge of the wedding department now, to reassure you that the plans you have made up to this point with the old WC will be honored with the new WC.

I'd save every single email detailing all of the plans that you have already made & make sure you take those with you when you get to the resort.

Anything that she promised you should be given to you at any rates that you discussed.

I also don't think it would be fair of them to start charging you for any services with a new WC or with the old one that now works for an "event company"!!!! So don't let them pull that on you!


I'd also be curious to know who is overseeing the weddings that are going on now. There has to be someone else that you can deal with until the new WC comes in 2 weeks.


I know this isn't the ideal situation, but try to think positive. Maybe you will like the new WC & everything will be smooth from here on out. I'm sure its hard to see an upside, but at least this is happening 2 months out as opposed to 2 weeks out or 2 days out, and you have some time to make sure to that everything else goes as you want it.

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