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My Deek Out Diet

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Hello Girlies!


I've been experimenting with an idea I had, and it's working MIRACLES-- so I had to share it will all my BDW babes.


1. Cut out several photos of the body, celeb, trainer, athelete, family member, whatevez. that inspires you to lose weight-- or an exact replica of what you would actually like your ass to look. lol


2. Grab a few pieces of tape / stick of glue


3. Paste the photos onto the items in your home that you should limit your indulgence, or things that you just CANNOT resist. (Cake, cheese, ice cream, bread, chinese take-out leftovers...)


4. Gasp in horror every time you attempt to take out the item you were going to sneak into your daily calories. Immediately remembering that you have a goal, and that bag of chips is NOT getting you any closer.



I hope this gives a few of you a giggle. Have a great day!smile03.gif

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