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Cancun Engagement

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Hi Everyone this is my engagement story....


Every Christmas my parents and I go somewhere tropical it's been a tradition of ours for about 14 years now. 3 years ago we went to Cancun, I really didn't want to go, wasn't looking forward to the trip at all but decided to go ayways.


I was walking through the lobey of the hotel one afternoon and saw this cute guy sitting at the bar but he didn't even notice me sad.gif I thought he was a total snob lol (its ok cause I had a boyfried at the time, just thought he was cute nothing wrong with that right?) Anyways.....


One night a bunch of people from the hotel ended going to the clubs downtown and there was the cute guy again. We started talking and talking and talking which ended up lasting the entire night, we walked back to our hotel (2 hour walk or so just talking) I thought he was the most amazing person I ever met but I had a boyfriend and he was from Calgary and I was from Toronto so I thought I would never see him again.


We exchanged phone numbers and emails and talked once in awhile after we got back home. A few months down the road I broke up with my ex and I started talking to (by the way his name is Terry). We ended up hooking up and decided to try the long distance thing (super hard). Everything going amazing!!! December 2005 we ended up going back to Cancun and on New years eve Terry asked me to marry him :)


So Mexico is very special to us, we met in mexico got engaged in mexico and now were getting married in mexico!!!

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awww...edyta, that is such a sweet story...mexico is such an awesome place...steve and i went to cancun together and had an amazing trip...when i started thinking he might be the one as well.

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