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Hi Maria,


I used a TA in Toronto that runs a DW travel agency, Weddings By Ocean. Megan is the owner and she is absolutely great. She has a website and a toll-free number.

We got our pricing in Sept/08 and most our guests booked in Oct and Nov/08 for our April 09 wedding. It is difficult getting pricing too early I found. I think you may need to wait till the tour operators release their Winter pricing if you're looking for Jan/2010 which I think is usually available in May/June. Though you may want to contact a TA to see if they can get anything early pricing. It may be cheaper to wait a bit though, not sure.

I too didn't want my guests to pay too much either, given the economy and guests are travelling from all over Canada.

Iberostar seemed to have the best rates for what I was looking for in a resort. We originally had chosen Grand Palladium but my FI's brother had a last minute DW there last year so decided we should go else where.

We didn't want our guests to have to travel too far from the Cancun airport so we ended up eliminating all resorts south of PDC. We also have a few children coming so we eliminated all Adult Only resorts. By then, we were left with a handleful of resorts.

We liked Iberostar because there are 5 resorts there. We are staying at the Beach for one week and then upgrading to the Grand the 2nd week.

Also, Iberostar has a Golf course on site and a lot of our guests are golfers:) Including us.

Plus, Iberostar is fairly close to PDC and they have a shuttle for I think, $4, that takes you there. PDC is great.

If you need anything else, let me know. I will be posting our wedding pics and a review when I return at end of April in the Review section.



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