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Booking outside vendors at Dreams

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Am I able to book my own outside vendors at Dreams or do I need to run everything through my WC there? I remember a statement on the Dreams contract somewehre that says "all outside services are commissionable to Dreams" or something similar


I set up the photographer on my own and she told me that the payment to him would go on my final bill to Dreams. Is she going to mark up the price?


I am working on my DJ right now, is she going to put that on my Dreams bill too? Firedancer's


I am doing a lot of the research and negotiating myself so that I don't have to have an outside WC do this for me and that so I can negotiate my own pricing. If its all going to end up being commissionable to Dreams, doesn't that defeat the purpose?


What has been everyone else's experience?

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Hi Deanna!


With regards to your question about Dreams marking up the photographer fees I think it can go either way:

- It could be that the photographer offers a special rate to the resort so that they can mark it up and offer you the same price the photographer would give you directly, or

- The resort plainly marking up the photographer services.


The best way to find out is to ask the question directly to your contact at Dreams.


That way you make up your mind about doing the negotiations yourself opposed to letting Dreams do the leg work for you.


Wish you the best!

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I negotiated with my own photographer, and he is billing me thru dreams. I plan on just keepin organizied notes of my agreed prices and making sure they match when I pay the bill.


But I had not thought of all the questions you asked.


Sorry I am not a better help.

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