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Just found this form and it looks like there is a ton of great info here! Looking forward to chatting with you all.


Wedding date: Probably Dec. 2009

Location: Playa del Carmen or similar most likely


I notice there is a huge 130+ post sticky on Dreams Tulum. Is it just that awesome? I saw a recent poster had a cover band there on the beach - sounds perfect. I also noticed a lot of posts start "Hey ladies..." so I hope I'm not the only groom here on the site ;-)



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Congrats Chris! Welcome to the forum. You're not the only groom, don't worry. =) Typically more brides are deep into the plans then grooms, that's all.


Mexico will be a great choice for your wedding! Nice and warm after the winter we've been having. Hopefully you didn't get snow like we did in Vancouver BC yesterday.


Best of luck with the wedding plans. You'll find lots of great ideas, and vendors that will be happy to answer any questions.

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