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The stones loose!!!!

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My ring was a size to big when my FH bought it for me and i got it sized about 2 months ago. They told me it had to be sent out because they didn't set stones there and it could end up becoming loose if they tried to do it. I was fine with this until I realized today that one of them is loose!! I can push it back and forth and Im so scared its going to fall out!! Im gonna have to go back there this weekend and get them to send it out AGAIN!rant.gif

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Yikes that's scary! Good thing you caught that it was lose before you lost it!!


I think we have insurance on mine. So if a stone fals out it's covered. Maybe you should check out and see if you have that option. Kinda ridiculous that they have to ship it out again. I understand why you're so upset. hug2.gif

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No not whiney.... u need to vent girl. LOL


Make sure you look at your ring very closely. Make them show it to you under a microscope. I've heard a couple of horror stories from my friends with peoples rings getting switched. Not to make you worry (sorry) but just for your protection.

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