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Boarding pass troubles...vent

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So I am 1 full month behind where I wanted to be for my Boarding pass invitations.

As some of you know, we were robbed in mid-December, and the buggers took our laptop, which of course had EVERYTHING ON IT.



We finally got the insurance to cut us a cheque so that we could get some of our stuff back that was urgent, while they process the rest of our file....Hence why I am back! smile29.gif


Lucikly, I had already printed out the envelopes, and had sent both invite proofs to my mom via gmail for translation/correction/grammar, etc. And gmail is a god sent! IT SAVES EVERYTHING you send!

So luckily I am not that baf off.


Except for the damn alignement of the boarding passes... (I am doing 3 of them, double sided, and of course, so they always print a bit off, so when I trim it with the paper cutter, it chops off where it shouldnâ€t on theback side... ARGHHHHH


I have been working on it now for 4 hours.S&M.gif.... time for some beer...shots.gif.

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Yes, they have to be double sided, There is simply too much information on it.


BUT I figured it out, I had to put the 2 pages on 2 seperate documents, because the template is on the Master page, the extra information and clip art is on the actual "slide". I could not tweak for each individual page, so I had to seperate it.

It just took me 2 nights to figure it all out....

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