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Moon Dance Cliffs

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#661 LaraJo

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    Posted 15 January 2011 - 10:47 AM

    Hey Lisa - I think the number of candles will depend on a few things:


    1. Are you using round or rectangular tables?


    2. How big are your centerpieces?


    I'm only having 36 guests and will have the tables arranged into 3 rows of two tables, each with 6 people at a table. Picture 2 rectangular tables put together. I'm also going for low centerpieces for ease of conversation. My centerpieces are going to be based off the idea for the wedding seen at this link, but we're using more tropical flowers, like ginger lilies: http://www.<wbr>eliz...br></wbr></wbr>

    The wedding was at The Rock House Hotel and Floral Fantasies did the decor. We're going to have 1 floral arrangement on each table (6 i total) and because of the size of the tables and centerpieces, I'm going to keep it simple and put 2 votives on each side of each centerpiece. I hope this makes sense - I know it's hard to visualize.

    #662 lisa203

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      Posted 15 January 2011 - 04:45 PM

      That makes a lot of sense. I'm not sure of our final headcount (we've got 30 guests booked so far) so I’m trying to think of all things centerpiece in terms of number per table rather than in total. We're doing the rectangular tables as well and for centerpieces, floating cymbidium orchids (some in tall vases, some in short ones). They’ll be pretty big so we’ll have one centerpiece per table too and I’m thinking two votives per table would work beautifully. I may even bring some small tealights to scatter around . It may be too much but worst case, we don’t use them¸ lol.  A past MDC bride had shared teaser pics of her wedding and I loved the heights of her centerpieces and that fact that they varied. My flowers and water will look different but here is the pic so you see what I mean.


      The decor in the inspiration link you shared is absolutely gorgeous! I had to google ginger lilies and I love them! Great choice.




      #663 LaraJo

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        Posted 16 January 2011 - 03:01 PM

        Love cymbidium orchids and will have some in my bouquet! I've see that MDC decor picture and think it's delightful. Better to have too many candles/tea lights than not enough, in my opinion. Have you done a google image search for "Moon Dance Weddings"?  You might try that and/or a more specific for Moon Dance Cliffs Weddings" and see if you find things you like.


        BTW- How did you get the picture embedded into your reply? Each time I've tried, I can't my response to post.

        #664 lisa203

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          Posted 16 January 2011 - 03:58 PM

          Thanks! They're my favorite flowers. My bouquet is made up of all white ones (I got real-touch). I do that google image search often...I think I'm borderline obsessed, haha.


          To embed an image I use the tool bar at the top of the reply box. If you click the the 15th icon from the left (says "Insert Image" if you hover over) you should be prompted to add or upload an image. Hope that works for you.

          #665 sarah1981

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            Posted 19 January 2011 - 07:43 AM





            lisa...it looks like your wedding is just two weeks before mine...am set for july 5th 2011....and I am soooo behind.  I just ordered my dress finally...am such a procrastinator ...lol...I am also just in the intial planning stages with decor( am using tai flora) I just like their arrangments better.  I am also using Noida cooke for my cake, because she does amazing work!...I decided to go with the Dj that kerry suggest, since my friend aeysha who was another bride on here she got married last year july...that is her reception that was just posted.  She suggested these people for me and since her wedding was so amazing I gladly accept her advice.lol.....So just wanna say hello and happy planning everyone!


            Lisa let me know about the candles since you will be there just two weeks before maybe we can work something out and split the cost for the votives.


            I was also thinking about using chinese lanterns over the reception white lighting looks very elegant and clean...I will ask kerry If I bring some...If they will be able to string them up for me.



            Congrats on your engament ladies

            #666 lisa203

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              Posted 19 January 2011 - 08:29 PM

              Hi Sarah!


              Congrats to you too!  Don’t worry about not having enough time….I’m sure things will work out beautifully! Sounds like you got most of the big stuff anyway. To be honest, since doing the big things, I feel like I haven’t done much else. That could only be me though, lol. What’s better is you have Aeysha who’s been where you are now as a friend. I know she’s a photog - are you having her shoot your wedding?


              I’d happily leave you whatever you want as I definitely don’t want to lug much back home. I’m getting paper lanterns too if you’re interested, although I’m not too sure how well they hold up. Kerry said they’d happily string them for us. Happy planning!

              #667 robinh

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                Posted 19 January 2011 - 09:39 PM

                Hi ladies,


                Did someone say photography?  I wasn't even thinking much about getting married until I saw Ayesha's photos on Elton Anderson's blog (http://www.eltonande...negril-jamaica/).  That was the moment that I fell in love with MDC and booked within the next two weeks.  Sarah ---- Tell Ayesha that I owe her.


                There's this AWESOME photographer Nicole Koester (http://blog.nkoesterphotography.com/) that I wanted to tell y'all about.  My friend won her 2010 destination wedding contest and she only had to pay for Nicole's transportation and accomodations.  Nicole recently posted that the 2011 contest is coming up.  If you haven't gotten your photographer (unfortunately I already did), you may want to enter her contest.  Check out Misty's wedding in Punta Cana (http://blog.nkoester...ana-style.html)...the shots are unbelievable.



                #668 sarah1981

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                  Posted 20 January 2011 - 06:39 AM

                  Sounds great lisa!...I am definately interested! we def need to talk more.....what color scheme are you using?....mine are buttercup, Fuschia and silver and white...I know so many but I just couldn't decide so I will use the majority of fuschia and buttercup but will accent it with silver and naturally white.  I have a vision in my head I just hope it plays out in reality...lol..


                  Are you planning on using charger plates?...I cam considering it I love the silver ones...If I decide I will def send them down before hand because lugging that around will be too much.


                  I am originally from jamaica so I have family and friends there.


                  Aeysha will not be shooting my wedding I wish though...but she is indiposed at that time..she will have a new addition to her family!...I am actually using Stacey Clarke. we have been back and forth via email and she is wonderful she even sent me some decor pics from other weddings that she shot!


                  @Robin...I definately will let aeysha know...she is very humble and wonderful and she is my inspiration also...her decor was just to die for!


                  Lisa where are you located?...I live in Brooklyn New York.


                  Thanks for sharing your information ladies


                  Happy planning!

                  #669 lisa203

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                    Posted 20 January 2011 - 11:26 AM

                    Sarah, my colors are yellow, ivory and gold. Talking more is a great idea. I love speaking to MDC brides!


                    I had asked Kerry about chargers and I think she said they’re available for rent. I’ll take a look at my emails to see if she said how much. I don’t think I’m doing them though because the tables I’ve seen decorated without them look good enough to me.


                    My fianc© is originally from JA too so he’s got tons of family and friends that live there. His brother (the best man) just moved back down from the US and lives in Mo’ Bay and when they send him barrels we stuff wedding junk at the very top, lol.


                    Congrats to Aeysha!. Stacey seemed great and I’ve heard great things about her. I had reached out to her a while back but she didn’t have my date available.


                    I’m in Norwalk, CT (an hour from NYC). I’ve got two good friends in BK so I’m there all the time. Small world!

                    #670 LaraJo

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                      Posted 20 January 2011 - 05:02 PM

                      Hi Ladies - For anyone looking for votives, lanterns, glass vases, etc., definitely check out Jamali Garden: http://www.jamaligarden.com/index.php. Although my florist will charge $3 per votive, I think I'm going to order the square votives from Jamali Garden because the centerpieces are going to be in cubed vases. They also sell hanging votives which I plan to hang in the trees on the beach.

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