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What does a TA do??

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It really depends on the TA and the agency-


Typically they will arrange you & your guests travel, assist with questions such as passports, packing tips, regulations regarding liquids ect.


Our agency will provide updates on who has inquired for a quote and also a spreadsheet on who is booked and the travel information! We also provide a guest quote request form that outline what the resort offers in terms of rooms and amenities!


There is no set rule on what each agency offers in terms of service and assistance- I would highly recommend that you work with an agent that specializes in DW's as it is entirely different than booking vacation pkgs!


Most are paid on commission from the supplier, however we do not receive the commission till after travel . Also smaller properties may not pay commission so there may be a fee involved to book that travel. Airlines also do not pay commission on published air so again there may be a fee involved for time & expertise.



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