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Cuba Welcome Brochure

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You did a great job Amy!


I will add only two things - how to avoid food poisoning and how to help if will happen. I'm righting article about this but won't be ready until the end of the month.

One of the tricks is to drink a little bit of peptobismol everyday.


Buena Vista Social Club plays every 1 and 3 Wednesday in Plaza America - amazing experience.

Other thing - if you buy anything in Plaza America be sure to count before you will pay.


If you want to rent a car don't do it in the hotel. Cubarcar charge 150 CUC for one day (Hunday Atos, cheapest and smallest one), you can have a car at better price at Miramar or few other rental places in the Varadero.


If you want to give a gift for somebody - memory sticks, old cellphones(with sim card) , old laptops,are really precious there. If you want to help bring them with you and gift to somebody.

Don't give your clothes in the resort, especially to the servers, maids etc. They all will be finishing on the black market.

People who really need them are living out of the resorts.


All the best for your wedding!

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Just wanted to add some ideas that I have had for my welcome brochure for Holguin. I am planning on sending this out by email or snail mail 3 weeks before we leave for the wedding (aka, this Saturday), so that everyone has time to prepare.

These are the items I am going to include:

-airport and parking information (Toronto)

-flight times and terminals, idea for tying on luggage – ribbons, bows?

-flight stops in Cayo Coco, we get a meal, 2 pieces of luggage totaling 20kg (44lbs-suggestion is to only bring one piece)

-once we arrive in Holguin

-security check, pick up luggage, have one person get money exchanged and the other get baggage, get beer, get on bus – ride is 60-70 minutes from the airport to the resort

-arrival at resort, check in, drinks

-resort information –restaurants and dress code at night, book early!


-wedding information, day before, day of, wedding dress code

-off resort tours, excursions, scooters, trip to town

-bringing presents for maids, etc


-voltage – need converters

-check out sunwing website for ideas of possible tours: Holguin Tours and Excursions - Sightseeing Attractions in Holguin – Sunwing Vacations.

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