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Hi all!


I have a few questions about invitations. We have finally decided on a DW wedding. (WOO HOO!!!!!) I never saw the boarding pass invitations before in my life and I think that they are amazing! I WANT TO DO THIS!!!


So my questions are: (maybe some silly ones blush2.gif)


1. Do you need to send STD cards? We've decided on a month, but not a final date yet. If you have to send them, how long before the wedding do you? We are planning a wedding for Jan 2010, so it's only a year away and we want to let everyone know to give them enough time to save up. If we don't have a final date, what do we write?


2. Where did everyone get the templates, fonts and all that good stuff to make the invites? I want to do this myself because I'm a crafty geek! lol


Anyway, I guess that's all I can think of right now (I thought that I had more questions - oh well!) Any input or help would be amazing.



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Congrats on deciding on the location! There are lots of ideas here for boarding pass invites as well as some other cool ideas like passports, etc.


My FI's dad is in graphic design and I have told him my vision and he is going to create something. I will post some pics as soon as I have a draft.


We are not doing a "STD" notice formaly on paper. We have drafted an e-copy of something and done a website with all the info on it. We send emails to all those invited with the info for the site which includes all the info for the resort/accomodations etc.


Happy planning!

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Ahh ok. That's a good idea. Thanks for the ideas. For us, we have too many "older" people that don't have computers! lol We actually made our STD invites last night and they look great. We also did the web-site thing and the families are going nuts over it!

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