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  1. I happened to drive by thier Etobicoke store the other day and popped in for a look. They have a number of dresses and the atmosphere and the ladies working there were nice. But I agree if you are making the drive to the city, head to a larger store with the selection first unless you know a specific style/dress you want and they have it thier. I think you would get personalized service there if that is important to you.
  2. #3-strapless looks beautiful, the empire waist gives shape and it looks like it will flow as you float down the aisle to WOW! your fiance
  3. Are they indestructable? I would be concerned that if anything happened to my FI's hand they would take off his finger as it would be easier to get off then a carbon fiber ring......
  4. Just opened my Canadian Tire flyer to page 2 and bubba kegs are onsale this week.
  5. Address your invites very specifically, don't put "and family" as drtracy said. We are going to have the same issue, and after much debate I have decided that none of my cousins children are invited but my sisters and brothers children are. My sister who has 3 childern under 10 made a good point during my debate that you might be surprised that those who have kids may be happy to leave them home with a sitter because they can come and not have to worry about then and be able to socialize more and its a night out without the kids. They just might have to leave earlier then last ca
  6. Richie just had a huge sale, they do have great deals sometimes. I bought my dress at Ballett's they have a store in Woodbridge (407 & 400) area, an outlet on Orfus Road and a store in the city. The is also a place on Orfus Road near Windsor Bridal that you might want to check out, I can't remember the name. I went to WindsorBridal too and felt so overwhelmed, I was like a deer in headlights, the place is huge. I asked the lady and she said they have over 2000 dresses. Saturdays at any bridal store are crazy, the one with with Windsor bridal is they only let you try on 5 dress
  7. They were just on sale a few weeks ago at Cdn Tire, I picked up a bunch too. I am sure they will go onsale again with summer coming. Good luck trying to find more
  8. Great question Jill, I was wondering the same thing. I am trying to pack as light as possible but I think it's gonna be tough.
  9. We are "jumping the broom" too and neither myself or my fiance are african american. Jumping the broom also has roots in Celtic and gypsy cultures. My grandmother used to say, "don't get have a fancy wedding, just jump the broom" so in honour of her that is what we are going to do. We are focusing on the sweeping away our individual pasts to start a new life as one. Jumping the Broom History
  10. We are going in Nov 2009 and were quoted $1680 plus taxes for deluxe wing $1630 plus tax regular rooms. Cleo22 & isaidyes PM me if you would like the name of the TA we used. They primarily do DW or group travel.
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