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Riu Mambo Bride to be

Riu Mambo email correspondence

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So I have become very worried with the way my choice of hotels is turning out. I chose this hotel because I have been there and had an awesome time. The one thing that is causing me SOOO much stress is I have no idea what we will do inbetween time of the ceremony (NOON) and the dinner. That is alot of time and with no suggestions from the hotel I am worried that they just expect us to wander about the hotel with no structure or implence on the actual importance of the day. This is my ONE special day that I expecially don't want to forget but my guests as well. Below is some correspondence from the hotel on my concerns and the lack of understanding is really starting to frustrate me....


*********** The beginning of the emails start at the bottom*****


(from me the brides to the hotel)

Thank you for your quick reply. I hope you can understand when I say that I am worried about what we will do inbetween the time of our ceremony (noon) and the dinner as this is a LONG time?? I really don't want my guests to be board or feel like they came all the way there for a short ceremony and then POOF wedding over. I am am excited bride who only wants to have that special day, and am feeling very worried about how things will work out if there is NOTHING we can do inbetween the ceremony and the dinner? Can you tell me what people have done in the past who have married at your resort and got married at noon. Im sorry and don't want to sound as if I am complaining but need to know what my options are and how much MONEY it's going to cost to get what I need.....


I need to know if there is the followinghuh.gifhuh.gif?


1) Is there somewhere we can have our own area for after the ceremony, or are my wedding guests just going to be wandering around aimlessly? (I don't care if other Riu guests are around)

2) Can we hire some entertainment of some sorthuh.gif

3) Can we bring our own music?? (Ipod & Ipod Dock)

4) What can I do to make my wedding special and all of my guests happy and proud to be there?


Thank you very much for your time




Kelly and Dustin





> Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 09:15:45 -0400

> From: weddings.pop@riu.com

> To:

> Subject: Re: My wedding Nov 10/09



> Hello dear Kelly & Dustin


> Thank you so much for your email, and to prefer us as your wedding

> destination. Regarding your question I kindly inform you that

> unfortunately the hotel does not have a private area available due to

> all the hotelâ€s area are open for all the Riu guest. During the dinner

> we will set a very nice table where you will be seating all together.


> If you need any further information do not hesitate to contact us again,


> Looking forward to welcome again in our tropical and sunny Dominican

> Republic.



> Your sincerely,


> Nerys Reyes

> Wedding coordinator.


> -------- Mensaje original --------

> Asunto: My wedding Nov 10/09

> De:

> Para: <clubhotel.mambo@riu.com>

> Fecha: 03/12/2008 08:24 p.m.

> > Hello.

> >

> > I am planning my wedding at your resort on November 10th 2009. I am

> > wondering if you have any area's where we can have a private reception

> > of some sort? I've tried contacting Gabrielle and she said to contact

> > the hotel......Our ceremony is at NOON so I have no idea what we and

> > all of our guests will do inbetween the ceremony and the dinner

> >

> > Please let me know if this is possbible and what other option I have...

> >

> >


Kelly & Dustin

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Hi Riu Mambo bride to be,


I am getting married at the Riu Bachata March 14. I am having the same problem with the WC. I send her an e-mail asking her about reception details and party information. She sends me a run around the bush answer and never answers my questions. Its totally stressing me out as well. I asked for seat covers at the reception and 15 e-mails back and forth and she is saying she can't bring the chairs from the ceremony which are already covered into the restaurant. Its like they won't make acceptions and everything is standard. I have read Sara and Riu Bachata brides comments and they said it went well so am keeping my fingers crossed.

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what if you include them in pics poss photographer to take pics of the fam while you go off and take your own pics? or what if you can all meet at a bar near the ceremony and hang there for awhile. people can just relax and do there own thing maybe luch a dip in the pool depending on how much time they have . most importantly don't stress it , it will work out.

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Yeah I totally know how you are feeling... I've gotten to the point where it was stressing me out too much that I couldn't even deal with it.... I've tried asking her about the reception portion and all I get is "it will be a beautiful dinner"... I think a dinner is all they provide... I have been to the resort before and it is definetly beautiful... But ofcourse us Brides who have opted for the less traditional destination wedding want to have at least a little extra giving that it will be one of the most important days of our lives. They do not offer any sort of reception following the dinner, so I've found that there are really only a couple of options....


1) Bring your own Ipod station and make your own by the beach bars (which would be fine). I know it sounds a little much but really all you need is music because the surroundings are just immaculate...


2) Have your own little party at the Disco (problem with this is that it doesn't open until about 11pm.


3) Book a private excursion, I have the numbers for Mel's tours and a few others if you want to coordinate this now, but you would have to phone rather then email... The best excursions are DEFINETLY the catamartan but that starts at about 65$US per person, but maybe if you called and told them your situation you can get a better deal, you can definetly bardor down there and Im sure Jhonny the owner would help you out....Ph: 809-827-4553...


4) Down there Im telling you money TALKS.... So when you get there, you can always find people (men) at the gift shops to the left of the Mambo, and probably even the coordinator will do anything for a couple of dollars. You have to think the average income for a dominican person expecially those who work on the beach is VERY LOW, like say around 600/ 900 CAD/ month.. and that is being generous... I wouldn't worry to much about it because you will have a couple days before you are married to get everything in order and just remember that money talks but definetly DO NOT PAY (the extra tip until the service has been provided. People will do anything.. Just get out there and talk to the locals in the shops to see what they can do, you will be very supprised as to how far they will go and NEVER go for the first price offered..... BARDOR, BARDOR, BARDOR


5) I've found a lady who does private parties down there and apparently she can set up things such as a beach reception, or pretty much anything else you want... I can give you her number if you really think this is what you want to do... The only thing with this is your guests will have to be transported off the resort probably to another beach but the TAXI's are FREAKIN CHEAPY CHEAPY.... Sooooo It all really depends on what you want... The chairs at the dinner are most likely those wicker ones so this is why there are no special seat covers for them because there is just no way to fit anything on them but I AM SURE, if you waved some money in someones face they will give you more concideration.....


Hope that helps and if you have any more questions let me know... Also if you phone the WC instead of email you will probably get the definet answers you are lookin for!!!


Good luck girlfriend!!!!

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My best advice is to PM BachataBride aka Amanda - she was recently married at the adjacent resort Bachata and could probably be a big help....


Good luck...


PS/ we were at the Bachata resort in 06 and thought it was great too...

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Hi Riu Mambo Bride to be,


Thanks so much for all the info and numbers I will definitey call and get some prices.

I know exactly what your talking about I emailed Maria to ask about the dinner and she said the same thing to me too. It will be a beautiful dinner and she didn't tell me what options I had in terms of a party.


I was thinking that maybe we can use to poolside pool bar and bring a CD player or IPOD docking station and dance out there. But the only thing is I think the pool bar closes at 7. So I hope we can pay a waiter/ bartender to stay until 12 or 1 am. I e-mailed Maria to see if its an option but I haven't heard back. Do you know anything about the pool bar?


Does anyone know if they supply CD players? Or would it be better to bring an ipod and docking station?


I guess since we have destination weddngs its not the same as traditional we know but we atleast want it to be nice. Your definitely right though once we get there and we talk to Maria and we throw around money she will probably do more. How is your planning going did you do what your gonna do for a party? mt wedding is the same we are getting married at 10 am and the dinner is not til 6:30 so we just gonna tell our guest to relax by the pool or we are gonna go do something fun like maybe one of the excursions and stuff.


Goodluck with everything. I will definitely let you know how mine goes.


Thanks everyone,


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