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need help finding accomodations for family/guests

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Hi ~

This is my first post - besides my intro.


I need help with gathering some info to make a good decision as to making the dw affordable and fun for relatives/guests.


I was thinking why not let them pick where they want to stay, so long as they're able to find transportation to attend the ceremony/reception. It would save a lot of my cousins/friends who are still in school from spending +$300 night at the hotels I'm looking at (CDM, Esperanza are two so far).


Also, because the family is so big: would it be more beneficial to rent a villa for 4 nights? (Cabo San Lucas Vacation Villas, Resorts & Hotels, Los Cabos Mexico) My fiance's family is pretty big thewave.gifand they all like to party together. So I figure they could split the costs of renting a private villa. But I don't know anyone who's done that in Cabo.


I would love to hear/read any recommendations from you all. grouphug.gif


The wedding is in April after Easter.




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