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Ridiculously LONG - Aventura Spa Palace Wedding & Resort Review

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#11 kellywinter1

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    Posted 03 December 2008 - 03:07 PM

    Thanks for your review! It is helpful! I can't wait to see the pictures you will post!

    #12 kristin928

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      Posted 03 December 2008 - 07:33 PM

      Thank you for the long review! I am getting married at Isla Mujeres Palace and it's very hard to find information on some of the less common Palace Resorts! I was worried about the wrist band with my wedding gown so thank you for answering that question!

      Question for you- we are doing a sunset cruise after the wedding. I am debating on doing a private reception but we are only going to have about 35 people. The cost for the reception and the DJ are insane. Do you think it's ok to just have dinner at the resort and make optional plans for those guests that want to dance? (Isla Mujeres Palace doesn't have a bar at the resort ) Thanks for your help!

      Great advice. You put my mind at ease on many topics!

      #13 catandcleo

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        Posted 04 December 2008 - 02:29 PM

        You are all very welcome!

        As far as Isla Mujeres, I'm sorry, but i really couldn't say. I would consider talking to your WC about the dancing. My only suggestion if you aren't into the private reception/DJ option (and keep in mind, i have never actually been to Isla Mujeres Palace, so i don't really know logistically if this would work!) would be the dinner at the resort and then maybe a portable I-pod station for some dancing on the beach. If it worked out (weather and all that), it could be a really nice approach.

        ETA: Also, i forgot to mention in my original review, the wireless internet service was AWFUL on the north side. The signal was really weak and it took FOREVER for pages to load, if they ever did. (This may have been just the particular building we were in. I don't know.) Once we moved to the south side, it was almost perfect.

        #14 kegildemeister

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          Posted 31 December 2008 - 12:45 PM

          My little review...
          I had similar experiences this December...but there are a few differences. We also stayed in the north side - the very norther-most building (tuba I think) and our room must have been totally remodeled because we had the flat screen, etc., and our wireless worked perfectly. It seemed they were remodelling quite a few of the buildings in between us and the south side so maybe we were the first north building done

          I also actually had the wedding in the north gazebo and even though there is that fence there, it isn't in any pictures or the DVD at all... and it is so much more private. I did come in by the horse & carriage...not typically my thing, but I am glad I did it... The pictures are pretty cool. We also weren't organized enough to bring any of our own music, so we went with what they had and then there was the mariachi band, and it was all pretty great! They only let us choose the asian restaurant because of our group size (35) but it still worked!!! I agree with all of the comments about the staff being so friendly, not expectant of gratuities, etc... and I loved every minute of being there...going to make it hard to ever vacation somewhere else!!!! And I totally agree with the DVD being a great purchase....plus if you upgrade the photo package, you get the cd with all of the wedding photos... only thing I wish is that they stayed around during the reception/cocktail hour to take more pictures....but it was still great!!!!

          And I did do the hair/makeup/pedi, mani before the wedding. I had to be there at 11 and didn't get back to my room until a little after 3 for the 4 o'clock wedding. Granted, it was nice to be pampered, but the hair wasn't something I would have normally done, and I don't wear foundation but couldn't get that point across because of the language barrier so I just gave up and started looking greasy in pictures after a couple of hours =).

          The food was okay - some people like some restaurants better than others, but overall, it was better than any other all inclusive where I have been. Plus, the alcohol selection was great. Most of the people in our group are fairly decent drinkers, and they had most of the stuff that everyone would want, and they have a good selection (not top-top shelf but comparable (Bombay, Absolut, Captain, Crown, etc.)... all you have to do is specify the alcohol you want when ordering...

          We actually rented a catamaran for our group to do a snorkel/sunset cruise thing the day after the ceremony, and the one thing I feel like I screwed up on was the location. I didn't realize how far AP was from Cancun, and the catamaran was out of Cancun... When I booked, the guy said the charter bus ride would only be 40 minutes (but we could drink on the bus of course), but it turned out to be 1:45!!!!! Which was fine on the way there, but everyone was so tired and drunk on the way home that the 1:45 seemed to take forever and practically nobody made it out that night! You can rent those catamarns from Port Aventuras which is only a 5 minute ride!!! My bad!!! Either way, we will return to AP...

          Oh, and my favorite room service food was by far the club sandwhich. How can you screw that up!!!! And yes, room service will deliver wine (yes, not the best wine) and champage after the bars close (don't ask me why I know because I sure didn't need it)!!!

          Now I know that this was long too....but it was fantastic... I want to go back!

          #15 catandcleo

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            Posted 31 December 2008 - 01:28 PM

            Originally Posted by kegildemeister
            ....but it was fantastic... I want to go back!
            I know - me too! Especially with the weather we have been having lately!!

            Glad your wedding went so well - congratulations! And i am glad the fence didn't show in any of your wedding photos - that was my big concern.

            #16 ddiinnyyeell

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              Posted 31 December 2008 - 08:10 PM

              " You can rent those catamarns from Port Aventuras which is only a 5 minute ride!!! My bad!!! Either way, we will return to AP... "

              How much did it cost you to rent the catamaran for your group? I really like this idea!
              Danielle & John
              Aventura Spa Palace
              October 30, 2009

              Wedding Photos By Bella Luce Photography

              #17 emaya77

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                Posted 09 February 2009 - 06:30 PM

                Originally Posted by catandcleo
                Thanks everyone!

                Ok - PDC was about a 10 minute cab ride from the resort, (Aventura to Playacar Palace), so it was really easy.

                My Miami WC was Yudelka Kok and my on-site WC was Ruse Pla. They were both really great - very helpful. If you can request Ruse, she will do a great job for you!

                Like i said in my review - there were a few small issues, but compared to all of the wonderful parts, they were almost non-existent! I know you ASP brides will all have a fabulous wedding there!

                Oh - one thing i forgot to mention... The south gazebo IS right in the middle of the pool area, but it was really not a big deal. (That could change during the busy season though.) There is one part in our video where you can see a couple of kayakers float by - but it was funny to us! Also, as we were walking back inside to do some more photos, we had to walk through the pool area, and all of the drunken revelers were cheering and congratulating us. That was kind of strange - but neat at the same time.

                If any of you have any more questions for me - ask away!
                I will try to upload some photos (i didn't have much luck before) soon.

                How far is Aventura Palace from the airport? And...you said the south gazebo is right in the middle of the pool area...are there resort guests watching your wedding, or are you at least secluded from everyone?

                What made you choose the south gaz. over the north one? And do they look exactly the same?


                #18 catandcleo

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                  Posted 10 February 2009 - 02:04 PM

                  well, i just typed up a long response and then hit "preview" and it disappeared, so i will try again...

                  ASP is about an hour from the airport, depending on what travel company you are using and how many other hotels they are dropping off at. We used Air Canada Vacations and were the second hotel.

                  We chose the south gazebo for a few reasons. It overlooks the water, whereas the north gazebo is more in a grassy section and THEN there is water. We thought the south one would look better in photos - at least for what we invisioned as a "beach wedding". Also, the north side is on the very edge of the property, so there is a fence RIGHT next to it, and some grabage cans lining the fence. That was a big turnoff for me, but one of the other girls on here got married in the north gazebo and she said it was wonderful and the fence and garbage cans did not show up in any photos, so it wasn't a big deal. The north side is MUCH more secluded.

                  The south gazebo isn't technically right in the middle of the pool section, but it is not far off either. It is at the far end of the pool section and down a bit on the same level as the lagoon. Check out their property map and you will see what i mean... http://www.palaceres....lace/APMAP.pdf

                  The gazebo is #12 at the bottom left, and the "party" section of the pool where all the activities and craziness happen is near #7. The section closest to the gazebo was pretty much deserted when we were there except for a few people lounging and reading books who may or may not have noticed a wedding going on.

                  I won't lie to you - when we were there is was the EXTREMELY low season, so there really weren't that many people around anyway. It may (probably will!) be different when you are there. Your best bet, is to check out both gazebos as soon as you get there and let your WC know if you need to change. We had originally booked the north gazebo, but once we looked at them both, we changed it to the south.

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