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Bob Greene’s The Best Life Diet

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Originally Posted by Janet View Post
I TiVoed it -- hopefully will find time to watch soon. The good news is I've been to the gym 7 days in a row!
wow, so you started before the new year. I was really working hard during BL4. It ended before thanksgiving & I started slacking off then. I wasn't terrible, but not as dedicated as I had been. I was so busy trying to get christmas presents finished that i spent too many nights sitting at the computer. Then when I go home for the holidays I'm never very active & don't eat as good as I do when I'm here. I was able to avoid totally falling off the wagon, but I'm ready to get back to what I was doing before thanksgiving.

I really like the feeling of a new year and all the motivation it brings. cheer2.gif

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I love the Bob Green approach. I'm not going to call myself a nutritionist, but am very familiar with lots of diets and how to cook various meals to fit those profiles. I can appreciate that it is a holistic approach instead of a "quick fix".


Another good book to read for some good perspective (and humor) is "Skinny Bitch".


Mike and I are supposed to start our diet on Wednesday and I'll probably borrow ideas and recipes from a bunch of different sources. I think Best Life will probably be easiest for us to follow. THe biggest problem we have is that if one of us fall of the wagon, the other is right behind.

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