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Reception Break-down

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Hi Girls,

Just wondering if anyone can tell me in what order they are doing their receptions.....like first dance, speeches etc. or if anyone is using an MC?

I was really wanting to keep everything casual but My parents are insisting there is some order to everything.


I feel really unorganized now and I have less then three weeks to go!!!!


Thanks for any help :)

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I too am wondering about reception break-down. My reception isn't going to be very formal, and so far all I have planned is a Calypso band. There's about 20 people, and I won't have an MC or anything, but I have no idea how it's all supposed to work. Is there supposed to be a formal welcome? I haven't been to any non-formal receptions, and I have no idea what goes on really!

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I haven't really given this much thought yet, but here is what I was planning on.


cocktail hour while pic are taken. 1hr

Dinner with light music in the background.1hr

First dance

father daughter dance

mother son dance

then party time.


We are going to do the ipod thing, but the company we are using has a man that will control the songs for us and a speaker system. I think it is $400, but less stressful than us or someone else fussing with it all night.

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