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How's my timing for mani/pedi/hair/makeup?

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I can't believe that my resort wants me to make these appointments already (wedding is just over 6months away).


But how is this for a wedding day prep/primp timeline?


9:30-12 - french manicure and pedicure with mom and fmil

(It has to be morning of since they are only staying in the hotel that day.)

12-1pm - lunch at the cafe in the hotel

1-2pm - hair updo appointment

2-3pm - makeup application appointment

3-4pm - get dressed and ready

4-5pm - ceremony (estimated sunset time of 6:30pm)

5-6:30 - shots of the happy couple

7pm - "dinner reception"


My photographer will be working the entire day taking pictures of everything.


I haven't gotten my hair styled since 2003 and I can't remember how long it took for a simple updo (no curls or extensive pinning planned). And well I don't wear makeup and have no clue how long that would take.


Thanks for sharing your timeline or suggesting whether I should allot more time to hair/makeup!

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Sounds good to me!! The only thing I would be concerned with is the hair appointment. It all depends on the hairstyle you want, what your hairtype is like. Maybe you could send a pic of the hairstyle you want with your hair type to the hotel stylist in advance to see what time frame they think. How flexible are they? Maybe you could get a trial done here to see how long it takes and then update your timeframe.

Hope this helps!! Good Luck!!!

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My times are not that far from yours... they all seem about right. You want to make sure you have enough time for everything. Are you thinking of a trial updo before your big day? This might be a good option since it's been a while since having something like that done. You want them to be able to recreate your do without having to take it down and redo if you decide you are not happy with it.


Making appts so far out are actually a good idea. I dont know where your wedding is but depending on who else might be getting married that day and the other "vacationing" people at the resort in general like to book services too - early. Most spas at resorts only have about 10 people total and they all multi task with other services. Soo this seems normal and don't worry about it... just another thing CHECKED.. LOL

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