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Problems transferring OOT bag goodies

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Hi Ladies!

Does anyone know if there are any complications with traveling to Mexico with the goodies for your OOT bags? I've purchased individual travel size advil packets and after-sun care and my Fi is paranoyed that we aren't going to get through customs with them. Is there any laws prohibiting bringing that sort of stuff?

Any ladies that have already had their DW...how did you deal with this??


My fi has got me all worried now...please help me calm him (and myself) down.




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I think that the worst that would happen would be having to pay import taxes on the items coming through customs.


We're also bringing lots of stuff. I've chosen not to worry about potential import problems yet. I think I'll wait until I get to customs and then play dumb if there is a problem.

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I was the MOH for a friend in Mexico and I packed a suitcase FULL of goodies for her bridal shower/bachelorette party. I got the green light on my way into Mexico City, which I don't remember at the Cancun airport. I was planning on telling them they were gifts for a party, which was obvious. It should not be an issue.

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