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Belize Wedding Option


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Seems like a lot of newbies have joined the forum in the last few days! How exciting! And, I know that Belize has been mentioned more than once or twice. My aunt and uncle love Belize, and have been going every year, for several years now. I knew there was one place in particular that they absolutely love. I recently e-mailed my aunt for more info on behalf of Heidi. I thought I'd post her response on this thread...in hopes it might be helpful to some others :) Happy planning! Let me know if I can help further!


Hi Susan!

Joe and I have seen many weddings while in Belize. The only place I would recommend is where we stay. It is on the island of Ambergris Caye, at the Victoria House. It is first class, and the nicest place on the island. I think if she went on their website, they'd be sold on the place. Go to www.victoria-house.com for a better look. Stefanie spent her honeymoon there, and Shay & Michael just returned from a Christmas trip and loved it. It is a "boutique" hotel, on the beach, with a friendly, efficient staff. To get there, we fly Continental with a stop in Houston, then Belize City, and a final 15 minute flight to the island. The hotel arranges the final flight to the island for you. The weddings there are beautiful, and there is rooom most likely for all the guests they want. I positively recommend it. Nancy

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