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Canada Day Engagement!

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Afternoon of July 1, 2008. Jason was working from home, I was at work.


“I bought you a surprise!†Jason sends to me in a text message.


“Is it sparkly and can it fit on my finger?†I reply, jokingly.


“Well… it is from Best Buy and it is kind of sparkly when the sun hits it… :)â€


An MP3 player!! Yaay!!


“Oh, guess what!!†I send, “Itâ€s Canada Day!â€


“Oh, It is, isnâ€t it?!! We should celebrate!! Iâ€ll go pick up some champagne!†he replies.


Thereâ€s nothing unusual about this conversation… We celebrate any chance we get, and we drink (inexpensive) champagne often!


I get home from work to find an awesome pink Sony Walkman MP3 player on the kitchen counter.


I give Jason a big hug and a kiss… “Thanks, babe!! I love it!!â€


I had gone shopping earlier in the day while my computer was out of commission at work, so I had a few bags to take up to our room. Jason cracks open a bottle of champagne and begins to pour a couple of glasses.


“Why donâ€t you go change into some comfy clothes and we can go sit out by the pool?†he suggests.


“Sounds great!†I reply, “Let me take this stuff upstairs and Iâ€ll change and be right downâ€.


So, I take my bags up to our room and begin to play with some makeup I had bought while out earlier. Jason walks into the bedroom and sets the glasses of champagne on top of his dresser. I thought it was a little odd he had followed me up as I was planning on coming right back down, but I didnâ€t think too much about it. We pick up the champagne glasses for a toast.


“Happy Canada Day!!†I say as I tap my glass against his and take a sip.


“Happy Canada Day to my favorite Canadian who I hope to be with for the rest of my life…†he says as he puts his champagne glass down without taking a sip and begins to fumble in his pocket.


“Whatâ€s he doinghuh.gif?†Iâ€m thinking to myself… “Is he REALLY doing what I think he is?? Is he joking around with me??â€


Then he pulls a little jewelry box out of his pocket, opens it, and gets down on one knee.


“Will you marry me?†He asks, looking up at me with his big blue eyes….


“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!†I gush as I throw my arms around his neck. “Of course I will!!! Yes!!!!!!!!â€


Then we hug and kiss for like 20 minutes and I cry…….. and then we called our mothers!!


The rest of the evening was spent drinking champagne out by the pool talking about wedding stuff!


Jason ordered the ring from a jeweler in NY and he received it a few days earlier. He was going to wait to propose until we were in the mountains in Canada a few weeks later, but he couldnâ€t wait that long! It was burning a hole in his pocket!


When he told me that he had a surprise for me earlier in the day, he later said that he was going to take it as a sign if I said anything about a ring... Sure enough I did, so he went for it!!

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ooooooohhhhhh, I love Canada day engagements, because thats when i got engaged...

Your e-story is so romantic and cute, I wish you and your FI the best of luck cheer2.gif

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