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Our Non-Pro Wedding Pics!

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Originally Posted by KAMAY11 View Post
Sorry to hear about your FI!! That's funny because my mother-in-law had to get stitches the day before! Lol. We were over at Lover's Beach and she got tossed-and I mean TOSSED by the waves! She cut open her knee pretty bad on the rocks. Thank god it wasn't anything worse!
What happened to Paul?? frown.gif
Oh no, not Paul. His dad. He also got tossed by waves at lovers beach and had to get stitches. 2 in his hand and 4 in his ankle. Paul had no idea it even happened. He was scuba diving right underneath. His mom wasn't there, she stayed back. She gets sea sick. I kept telling my fathier in law she was going to kill me. He said no not her. I'm like have you met your wife. Its a big joke now. He is know for getting hurt when we go on adventures. He needs to be in a bubble.

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