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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by sunstarsmoon gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! what a FABULOUS dress!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by wendyjd I've had my dress for about 2 months at home but haven't posted bc my FI didn't want other people to see me in the dress before the wedding. I took pics without my head involved and this is okay with him so here's my dress. Like so many have said before, its not what I thought I'd get but my heart fluttered when I put it on and it has pockets which sealed the deal. sorry for the bathroom pics. GREAT dress!! who is the designer
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by lisanicole I just purchased a dress for my wedding in Riviera Maya on November 12, 2010. It is Lea Ann Belter "Isabella" Lea Ann Belter Bridal - Niagara Collection - Isabella this dress is GORGEOUS!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lrdavis23 Everyones dresses are gorgeous ! After going thru 2 dresses I have actually purchase my final and 3rd dress and I love it. While trying on the dress, I was soo excited that I forgot to take a picture of me in it. so heres a picture of it from the website. I will post a pic when I go in to get alterations done. RD1044 - by Maggie Sottero beautiful! good choice
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by honey740 Mine was still the old package, which, unfortunately I thought was better. I did see the fireworks from a wedding while we were there, literally 3 fireworks. Don't pay extra for that if it's not included in your package, everyone at my rehearsal dinner was laughing saying wow I hope they didn't pay for that. Honey740, so you weren't impressed with the firework display. We were actually considering switching packages, I have an old package, my orig wedding date was May 23rd, right up until the swine flu hit & everyone in our wedding party panicked! Anyways, we have moved the date now to February and were thinking of upgrading to one of the newer packages. Now that I've read your comment I'm not so sure it's worth the extra money!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Kits55 Too bad I'm already married because I SO would have bought one of these for my wedding! I don't know if someone else has posted these shoes elsewhere but I thought they were too cute to not tell everyone about. If you are having a starfish themed wedding and/or are looking for some awesome sandals, check these out! The fawn style is the one with four rhinestone stars. On the Yellow Box Shoes website they make them in gold, silver, white with gold stars, and black with silver stars. You can google "yellow box shoes fawn" to find places that sell them. My favorite style is the Eden. It only has the one star in the middle. I love the strappy look. There are four different colors, the straps are red, black, white, or turquoise. These shoes are adorable, THANKS so much for sharing the pics!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Dedicated2Us I want to have my wedding there in Feb. I would like to know what the weather is like in Feb. Real windy? Also is the really water green?? My wedding is in February too, but I haven't heard much feedback about the wind. The weather I think is a little less hot, I was in Cancun in May on vacation and it was definitely hot...I don't know how the brides that were standing out on the beach could stand it, because there is NO relief from the sun sitting out there!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by nibsmom Yeah, I hear ya. I think that's why I'm feeling so ....dissatisfied...with everything right now. Never been there, don't know what it looks like, going a little crazy...LOL. Packing is going to be really crappy. I have NO idea how we're going to pull it off!!! I'm bringing my dress on as a carry on as well, apparently it will be fine as long as it's less than 22 pounds and on a wooden hanger. I'm flying Mexicana. I talked with one of their agents online, and she seemed to think everything would be just fine. We might have to check a fifth bag though - that will be expensive!!! Ladies--I just got back from Moon Palace in May, if you have any questions, just let me know!!! We are going back in Feb 2010 to get married there
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by TinaM2b 48 hours, last day of work, and we are hoping to be finished with all packing 1st thing in the morning so we can enjoy the 4th with friends. I have been meaning to ask this question all week and have been so swamped. Has anyone heard of anyone getting sick from water or food at Moon Palace Just Curious!! The last time I heard of someone in a wedding party getting sick, it was after they ate/drank outside the resort. Tina--was just at Moon Palace for a visit in May, off the resort at the ruins and the restaurant we ate lunch at, and at the resort, they only served bottled water. The only time we used water from the faucet was brushing our teeth!! beautiful place for those who haven't been--we have 6-7 weddings while we were there...one of them was supposed to be ours! we are victims of the swine flu..but met with the wedding staff, toured all the grounds and various gazebos...and used it as a vacation..our wedding is now rescheduled for Feb, 2010
  10. Did you hear from Kalena? I'm wondering because she was assigned to my my WC. My wedding date was 5.23, that was until the swine flu hit. Anyways, just curious how she is responding to you?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Jacilynda Girlies have you seen this: WHO considers move to pandemic phase 6 for H1N1 virus - CNN.com It ain't stoppin me though! Good for you!! I just got back from Moon Palace in Cancun on 5/27, everything was great!! They are scanning people in the airports for your body temperature to see if it's elevated past what a normal body temp should be, and they are having people complete forms regarding their health--just an FYI.
  12. lawieland

    My wedding is cancelled....

    My wedding is cancelled too, at least for this year! Now looking at 2010 dates! Already picked up my dress, already had my rings sodered together so now I can't wear them at all. this just sucks!! My heart goes out to all the other brides....
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by CindyMcGue Are there any other MP brides for May 23? Mine was 5.23, until the swine flu hit!
  14. lawieland

    Swine Brides **Support Thread**

    Quote: Originally Posted by BelizeBride This sucks. I am getting married in Belize next weekend and half of our guests have already cancelled. We're not even going to Mexico! I hate this f*&%ing flu. I am thankful that, as of now, my wedding is still scheduled to take place. I hate to think about all the weddings that have been cancelled. What about the brides whose weddings have been cancelled... what are you going to do during the week/weekend you were scheduled to be married? Are you going to go to work, go on a local vacation, sit at home and cry, etc? I hate to think about the brides who will be at work when they should be getting married on the beach! Amen to that sister!! I'm sick and tired of hearing swine flu crap! I'm one of those brides whose wedding got cancelled. We are still going to go ahead and go somewhere on vacation, and as for what I'm doing the day I was supposed to get married 5.23.09, I'm opting for the crying selection! followed by drinking! Thanks for the thread, cause the brides gotta vent somewhere!