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  1. We are back from the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton as Mr. & Mrs. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful, as someone put it "it was the most loving wedding they have ever been too". We had fabulous weather on our wedding day as all the other days were very windy. I will give a more detailed review when I have more time. Just wanted to let those who have chosen the Lady Hamilton as their destination that you will have no worries....it's beautiful! When we checked into the hotel we were upgraded to a one bedroom suite which was beautiful ~ actually all the rooms are nice. We chose the gazebo for our wedding, we found it to be more romantic ~ it's an individual choice. We picked the Tropical Wedding package and picked off the Pastafarian menu and the food and service was amazing. We had a private venue in the Blue Lagoon it was great! We had brought a photographer with us who was a friend of ours I am awaiting the pics. We did receive 8 5x7 pics from the hotel photographer which were O.K. ~ he seemed to not like the fact that we had a photographer with us (oh well). My flowers were gorgeous ~ Jascynthia did a great job! Oh ya, if you want to meet with her you need to hunt her down.... I will post pics once I do receive them.... More details to follow!!! Cheers, Mrs. Storms (I love the ring to that)
  2. Hi Ladies, I've finally received a reply from Jascynthia...here is her response in blue: The Tropical package includes chair covers for the ceremony. Those are the menus you are able to choose from with the tropical package (Posiedon & Pastafarian). You are renting the private venue only (not another dinner option). The other menus comes with the Caribbean package. I am sure we can add some other option to your entrée. We will need to know how many of each option you would require. Before I can do anything, I need to know which menu you are choosing so that I can let the chef tell me your options. The chef has advised that it will cost USd30.00 per person for lobster and he will need to let me know later about beef madalions. (Ladies this is in addition to the already $30 pp charge)[/COLOR] Sorry, I am trying to get through the emails so I do not have time, right now, to be on the forum. I had nearly two weeks of no emails coming in or going out (only sporadically) and now that the system is back, some days were not recovered, it is jam packed and everyone needs an answer right now. So as soon as I can I will join because based on the fact that I am being asked the same questions by everyone, in different ways, I assume they are all on this forum and there is a lot of misinterpretation going on. Hope this helps. Petals I know you will be happy about the chair covers ~ I know I am. As for the menus they aren't much to choose from but I'm not stressing over it anymore. At least we can choose 2 entrees. Good luck ladies...only 16 more sleeps till we leave and 19 more sleeps till I'm Mrs.
  3. Thanks a bunch ladies! I am liking the idea of a small tierra or small hair pins just to add something sparkly. You're opinions mean alot to me....you guys rock
  4. Hello Ladies, sorry but I have no new information. I e-mailed Jascynthia last Monday and still have not received any response. I also faxed her some information on Friday and still no response.....guess the only way I'm going to get the answers that I need requires a phone call. I will call on Monday and advise you how things go!!! I'm getting so excited I can't believe it's coming so quickly. I do have everything done on my end just wish I could get some response from Jascynthia. I'll keep you posted
  5. That's beautiful...I'm debating bring down my own.
  6. Hello Ladies, I need some suggestions. As you can see from my picture I have short hair. I really do not want to wear a veil. I've been asked by many people "what I'm wearing in my hair", when I say nothing I get a strange look. I've tried on tierra's and they just don't look right - it looks like they are balancing on my head with no where to go. If there are any other brides with short hair out there that have suggestions I would be happy to hear from you. Or if you don't have short hair and have suggestions I'm all ears. Also, do I have to wear anything in my hair or on my head? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello Ladies...less than 1 month now In response to you petals: As I'm the first one getting married out of us I will see if Jascynthia will give me some concrete information regarding chair covers and menu choices. I am going to mention to her that I will be posting on our forum and will ask if she is going to join the forum. julie5031 - there are 3 packages, the Romance ($1200). I'm getting married at 5:00 p.m. as well and was told that the sun sets at approximately 5:45 so if the wedding starts on time pics should be good, sunset is our favourite time of day. turk & nbro- excited OMG and stressed YES, but I'm not letting all these details get in the way of our special day. I'm extremely pissed about the steel drum pricing, prices changing in general but if we all look at the small print on their wedding packages it does say "prices subject to change without notice" so I think unless you have something in writing signed by the GM that the price is $150/hr or $300/hr you may be in the same position Sorry! I will keep you all posted as to my finding
  8. I'm with pearlygirl - you are all invited to my wedding We usually give $100 unless they are extremely close then it's $200 Cheers,
  9. Hi All, Happy New Year! I can't beleive that I have one month today and I marry the man of my dreams With regard to the Tropical package which I've picked you get a choice of 1 appy, 1 main and 1 desert (I'm assuming that will be wedding cake). The one thing I didn't know is that Jascynthia forwarded me the menu choices and there are only 2 the Posiedon and Pastafarian. You can be seated as a group in one of the al a cart restaurants @ $30 per person after 8 ppl. or you can pay $300 for a private venue. I mentioned to Jascynthia about the centerpieces that Carolyn left behind and she had no idea what I was talking about I also found out that the steel band is now $500 instead of $300! I'm so frustrated with the changes all the time....I am trying not to stress out about all this but it's tough Also I found out that I have to pay to have my dress steam cleaned - starts at $45US. I'll keep you all posted as to any further developments. Cheers my fellow GPLH Brides
  10. Wow, your stories sound so familiar...we did fire our TA and are going directly thru the owner now! Good luck ladies
  11. Martee


    Hi Jen, congratulations and welcome to the forum!
  12. Very nice rings...we had our custom as well - they are ready for pick up so excited. Cheers,
  13. Hello Ladies, let me see if I have this right ~ We've booked the Tropical Package, 8 ppl are included in the package all others would be $30.00 pp extra. The $30 is dinner at an al a cart restaurant (not a special menu :S. The additional $300 would be for a private venue. I truly wish I would have known all these extra fees before I chose this resort! We have just over a month before we leave and I'm stressed / and excited !!! I've decided that I'm just going to go with the flow and see what happens when I get there! I truly thought having a destination wedding would not have been this stressful I think it would be great to have Jascynthia as part of this forum. Cheers Ladies
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