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Holiday cards - where are you getting yours from this year?

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hi tylersgirl, we bought picture cards too...before being married =P


i know i am super late in ordering them, but i just had to! i've always wanted to send them for christmas but never really got around to it. once we booked our engagement photo session, i knew i wanted to send one this year.


however we didnt take our pics until dec 4th. but our maginificent photographer sent us our final pics within a week! we made it just in time to order them.


thanks to you all for the recommendation on MPIX! we browsed through so many online holiday cards companies and we found MPIX to be the best for what we needed. AND they are quick! since MPIX is in Kansas and we're in California, we opted to pay the extra FedEx fee just to be sure we receive them on time.


we'll be super late, but we'll somehow post the christmas card here once we receive them. we really wanted to show everyone our engagement photos heheh =P


thanks again for the inspiration, ladies! you rock! cheer2.gif

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