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Canadian Working on a TN visa marrying USC in Jamaica?!

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I have been trying to do some early research in regards to the change in my status early since I know immigration papers and such can take a while. I would like to attempt to do this myself as opposed to hiring a lawyer if possible.


I currently work on a TN visa in Seattle and just renew it yearly. My finacee and I live together out this way .


I have heard that once we do get married in Jamaica and come back to the States there is a possiblity that I maybe denied even with my TN visa.One option I was given was that after we get married I return back to Canada and start filing my papers as a spouse. But what if I still want to work on my TN visa?? And who really wants to be separated from their husband right after you get back from getting married?!



The other option was to have a civil marriage , file for papers THEN have our destination wedding. Kinda defeats the purpose though, I think.


Im still doing research and I thought that maybe someone on the forum has advice or experience they want to share. You can let me know privately or on here!


Hope everyone is well!

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I am not positive, but I would think if you have a civil ceremony in the US, it would definitely make it easier to get all the papers sorted out. If your FI is a US citizen, you can apply for a greencard and then not have to renew your visa every year!


Although you should still be able to apply for a greencard even if you get married elsewhere. I don't think you should have to come back to Canada.


I guess the issue is the TN is a temporary work permit and if you marry a US citizen you are sort of saying you are not really that temporary, so they may not let you enter on that basis. The other thing is, how are they actually going to know?


Hopefully someone on here has gone through this and can provide you with concrete details! goodluck

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