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YAY my shower was this past weekend my besties had the most adorbale shower invites ever with the beach theme and the paper I loved it. With all my searching for Invites and such .. I never even came across this site...


BEACH THEME - Bridal Shower Invitations or Retirement Party Invitations - Item# OF3001


I am in LUV with the new invite BUT we had planned with this invite for our Jan reception and the plan was to order today!


Invitations By Dawn


I'm at a loss what do you girls thinkhuh.gif Is it tacky to have the same thing for both your shower and your AHRhuh.gif?

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I don't think it's tacky, but I also like to switch things up. If it was me, I would use the different invite, but I don't think it's tacky if you use the same.


But is there another way to incorporate it? I loved my shower invite so much, that I used the same thing for my AHR menu. Maybe you can do something like thathuh.gif

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