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Who's watching the 2008 MLB Playoffs?

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The Phillies are TOUGH ~ there were so many points in last nignt's game I thought they were dead in the water, but they never gave up. While I'm rooting for my local team (Dodgers baby), what can you say, the Phils are freaking relentless!!! The back and forth developments in that game were crazy ~ such a good game cheesy.gif


As for the ALCS ~ I love Tampa, that team's got major onions, tee hee. foshizzle.bmp Gotta love a young team that continues to have no fear in the face of the defending champs.

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Originally Posted by amandalovesryan View Post
I am so proud of the Phils, I went to bed last night, thinking that it was over and turn on the news this morning and ta-da, they won! YAY!
I fell asleep early and woke up right before Victorino hit his home run. The last two innings were awesome. They never gave up

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