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Hey guys


New to site, and since my wedding is in less than a month, I have enjoyed these late night info sessions! Just getting some last minute jewelry/hair/shoe ideas. We are the first wedding at the Azul Sensatori in Puerto Morelos, MX. Wish us luck!


Jennifer and Stacey

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Originally Posted by Kriselly View Post
Congratulations! I'm getting married there in April. Have you been able to see any pics of wedding and recepton sites yet?

Unfortunately, no. As you know, the soft opening is happening now, so hopefully, I can wrangle some out of my TA's contacts or Nancy! If i get some, i will definitely post! I did email a photo of a gazebo with bamboo sticks across the top and wrapped in tulle and ivy that I stole off a Mexican Wedding Photo picture to see if they can duplicate. Worried a little about the alleged "rocky beach" situation they are discussing on Tripadvisor.com. Could be just fussy folks though!


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