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Hi - I've read a lot on the forum, but sometimes it's make the decision even more overwhelming with choices! I need help! We originally chose Belize and now caved to family who wants all inclusive, so we decided to do the Cancun area. Here's what most important for me...


- ceremony location that's somewhat secluded, preferable on a beach. Just not somewhere that's right next to the pool or a restaurant.

-all-inclusive with a few restaurant options

- kid friendly


less important, but would be nice...

- allowed to bring in photographer, I'm willing to pay a fee to use anyone I want

- easy access to scuba diving and snorkeling (I know that's pretty much anywhere near cancun)

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Hi Christina, congrats on your engagement! We were also looking at Belize and Costa Rica initially, but it was too far for some family members to travel. Have you looked at Paradisus Riviera Cancun? They only have 1 wedding per day, 6 restaurants and a kids concierge program. Check it out on Riviera Maya forum -- there are some thorough reviews (most recently posted by Becks whose wedding was just beautiful). :) Good luck and happy planning!

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We ended up getting a travel agent, I would sugguest one locally that you can talk to in person.


Ours is great. Sent us a 2 page questionnaire that is helping him narrow down our list of resorts. He had things on the questionnaire that we never would have thought about. It not only opened up a ton of possibilities to us but also took some of the pressure off. Plus some great rates! wink.gif

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