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Las Vegas Chapel? Lunch/Dinner Reception?

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I will be having my wedding in Las Vegas in July 2009. I have been looking at the Little Chapel of the Flowers but am still open to suggestions. We are on a budget and looking to spend $500 or less on a wedding package.


We will have about 15-20 people coming to celebrate with us and trying to find a location for lunch/dinner. Does anyone know anything about the Brazilian restaurant Pampas I believe it's called? My fiance wants to go to this type of restaurant. Any suggestions?

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We are having our ceremony at the Little Chapel of the Flowers. It's will cost about $450. The includes flowers, ceremony photos, and upgraded photo package, 2 dvd's of the ceremony, and 1/2 hour of grounds time to take our own photos. The ceremony will also be on the internet for 2 weeks. The invitations to those who I know can't come will say the ceremony will be at www.littlechapel.com/guests so they can all view the ceremony live or after.


After much research I finally found a restaurant who will do something special for us. The Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris will prepare a special menu for us with 5 courses (including escargot, filet mignon...good quality food choices) with dessert for only $70 per person. They can have a bottle of chapagne waiting at the table (it's $70 per bottle for the cheapest so we're passing on that one) and give us a special table with a great view. They are printing our names on the menus for us to take home. There are only 5 of us so finding something like this was very hard!


Also the Little Chapel can arrange something at the Braziliann barbeque place (all-you-can-eat) for only $55 per person.


Good Luck!

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Please let me know how your wedding goes. I am very interested to get your opinion after experiencing the Little Chapel of the Flowers. I think we are going to do Pampas after the ceremony during lunch time though since I want to have the ceremony late morning.

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OMG, Pampas is AMAZING. We just did another event there (DJ/Photo) last weekend. Our DJ texted me "you aren't kidding, the food is off the hook".


You better like meat, though!


Another option is Cheeseburger/Las Vegas

Cheeseburger/Las Vegas, Wedding Catering, Wedding Venue, Wedding Wedding Planning, Nevada - Las Vegas and surrounding areas


It's what the name says... cheeseburgers and other comfort foods, but the staff is wonderful and the decor is pretty cool.


Oh yeah, and if anyone wants some "in-action" photos of Pampas, just email me. I haven't edited the photos from last weekend but will be doing them next week and can send you some samples so you can see what the room looks like!

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