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I was at my mom's hairdressers yesterday while my mom was getting her hair done, and noticed that they're carrying clip in hair extensions by Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves...anywho one of the stylists had just ordered one and was putting it in her hair while we were there and it looked soooo good! They had matched it to her hair perfectly (I'm pretty sure you can dye the human hair one) and it made her hair look a good 6-8 inches longer. It was super pretty! I wish I had've known about these sooner because I would have gotten one for my wedding day for sure.


You can do anything with them, cut them, curl them, straighten them (well the human hair one at least)...


I think I may order one after the wedding just for fun...I miss having long hair sometimes:P



Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves

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I read somewhere that doing updo's is actually easier with short hair. It's less hair to try and get to balance on the top of ones head.

None the less, I'd like some hair extensions that I could curl! My hair is so straight and fine that it doesn't hold a curl at all sad.gif

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