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The Aerie-Hilltop Napa Estate

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Hey guys in this month's modern bride they did featured a real wedding and this couple got married at this estate called The Aerie on a hilltop in Napa. The pictures are gorgeous. The Aerie boasts modern architecture, quirky decor and 15-foot exterior glass walls. There is a huge pool that faces the top of the hill and has a stunning view. There is a stone patio and open glass walls and there are overhead lights everywhere. If anyone is interested the article was called "Flowery Fete" and it was in the April/May 2007 issue of Modern Bride pg 142-145. In staying with the theme of Napa, the couple gave out champagne and then had guests sign the bottles. This doubled as a guestbook. Also they gave each of their guests baskets of locally produced chees, chocolate and wine.

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