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Invitation Deadlines

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I spoke with my travel consultant who advised that my RSVP deadline for my invitations should be around the date in my "group contract" for the resort when the final payment is due (i.e. approximately 45 days prior to the wedding date)


So in my case with a Dec 1st wedding, my RSVP date should be around Oct 18th and that means my invitations have to go out in August....4 months prior to that?


The travel consulant seemed to place a lot of reliance on the invitations, but aren't MOST of the guest going to have booked by then??


I am a little confused because now I have to shift my timeline?


Any advise or suggestions please!

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honestly, i am sending out invites "soon" - hopefully this weekend - and my wedding is early June. And I am considering them mostly a formality as most of my guests have booked already. i think it depends on what your guests are like - some do wait for the formal invite to book. luckily most of ours didn't! there will be some stragglers - but we already have the immediate family and close friends all booked.

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I'm sending STD's out by the end of the month for my July 2008 wedding. I have my website listed which will provide all the travel info including a blurb stating that room blocks will be made in August 2007. I am planning way ahead to give my guests as much time as possible to book.


Like Ann, my formal invites will be mailed some time in 2008 and will also be more for formality. Why don't you send STD's with your travel info?

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I sent a STD out about 10 months before the wedding. The STD contained the travel agent's contact info and a link to our web site that had ALL the travel information on it. I mailed my invites the first week in March for my 6-23 wedding, because my room block will be released on the 21st (next Wednesday--yikes!). I felt that my invites went out early (almost 4 months before the wedding), but I wanted to give the stragglers one more reminder to book their room, etc.


Forgot to mention...my respond date was May 23rd, but I figured I would have a very good count of who was coming even without the replies by checking with my TA to see who had booked.

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