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FI's dad trying to get him LAID before the wedding!!!

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Originally Posted by Case*a*licious View Post
I'm so sad about it now... I can't believe I have to be related to this prick sad.gif
Only by marriage. I'm sure he's always been a dirt ball but you can always tell your friends the Syphallis has rotted his brain and judgement wink.gif
What a horrible situation. I think Stu has already made his decision to stand by you, hence the upcoming nuptials, and that you do not need to stress about it. At this point FFIL is not going to change but like someone already said, that lifestyle will not facilitate a long life.

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My guy would respond the same way as he is non-confrontational. It drives me nuts as I am very direct. The reality is that when he perceives me as flying off the handle, then he is reluctant to come to me with future issues - worried that I'll lose it. And I am mostly a calm person, but he hates confrontation of any kind. You know about it, you know he'll do nothing about it, what your FIL says/does is out of your control no matter what you say or do and who you tell. I would would say and do nothing as it would appear to be a dead issue with your FI. Only concentrate on the things you can control to save your own sanity.

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