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Anyone else has had their employment affected by the economy??

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Anyone else has had their employment affected by the economy?? Both in the US and Canada it has been pretty bad.


My father has been an engineer in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years. The plant he was running closed down in 2005, textile industry, no surprise there, we all buy (made in Bangladesh clothes now to save $$).


With his experience and education he was able to find another job no problem, it took about a year and it was in a different manufacturing industry though. My parents sold their house and moved in Summer 2006.


Today we just found out that his company has decided to close the Canadian plant due to our high dollar and the shifty economy in the US what.gif(Thank you George W. foshizzle.bmp!) , while maintaining the US plant open. Because of his position, he is getting a severance package (hopefully a good one). But he still has to tell 300 + employees that they are out of a job, and he himself has to come to terms with it.


This SUCKS. :sad:


My father is getting up there in age (mid 50s) and could be a victim on ageism…

My brother feels like shit right now too because my parents helped to pay for his wedding this summer, which was about 10 000$ in help (guestimate).


I just feel so useless while my family is having such a difficult time…


Thanks for letting me vent. frown.gif

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