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Cancun Wedding Coordinator- Need Advice

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Hello Ladies,


We have finally decided on Cancun as our location for April/May 08 and are planning a trip down in a month to look at places!! So excited! Anyway, I would like to hire a WC to set up our site visits. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? I know a lot of places have on-site WCs, but I feel like hiring my own might be a better way to go to plan from a distance. Not sure really where to start or costs involved. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I need to get moving on this soon. We are leaning towards non all-inclusive locations... JW Marriot, etc.




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Originally Posted by sfbridetobe08 View Post
Thank you Anny! Any reason in particular you went with her? Nice that she is a florist too!
I wasn't going to hire a WC but my FI really wanted one, I hired her 'cause I think her price is good and she knows many people there.. she has contacts with all kinds of vendors.. I met her in person and she's nice..

plus, she has great prices, she's not the kind of WC that wants to charge you extra for each thing you book through her..
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Originally Posted by host View Post
i would hold off on hiring a WC until you decide on resorts because alot of resorts in cancun/riviera maya do not work with outside coordinators..
Good point. Is it best to schedule the visits on my own with the properties without any help of a wc? I'm just overwhelmed trying to contact all the places myself, but I'm sure they probably have a simple system the do with all inquiries.
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