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Hello everyone


I have been working on a pre-travel brief brochure for my sister's wedding. It is not necessarily a traditional brochure, as I have used a lot of funny pics of the bride and groom and it is a tad on the wacky side...just trying to get everyone excited and have some fun!


I have one little section left to do and I honestly cannot think of what else to put there. It will be on the very back page of the brochure. This is what I have so far.


1. Intro/welcome/thanks for coming

2. Travel Plans and Welcome Meeting

3. Important what to brings

4. Things to look forward to

5. Tentative wedding day itinerary

6. important reception info


What else should I add that would be brief? We dont want to put too much info about what to pack or travelling or anything like that b/c most of the guests are pretty well seasoned travellers.


I would post the brochure but I need to ask the bride first if it would be okay since their pictures are in it.


But any suggestions about what I should add would be appreciated.


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What about a bit of history or something trivia/factoid-ish about your resort/town/area? Maybe a quote of some sort?


Not particularly meaningful, but it will fill up empty space.

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i second the idea for funfacts!


you could also fill blank space with some photos of the bride and groom on thier travels, possibly with word bubbles containing funfacts.


just something to add a little humour.


here are some funfacts for examples:


The American Cancer Society says that about 1 ounce of sunscreen (a "palmful") should be used to cover the average adult. For best results, most sunscreens must be reapplied at least every 2 hours by this time you will be on your third daquari....


Ocean Swimming Safety: Check surf conditions before you enter the water, ask a lifeguard about water conditions, if he or she is cute - give him your room number.


I think that could add to the humour of your project!

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