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Our first date... all over again, minus the fall, plus the question!

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Marc and i went out to dinner on a friday night before we were going to meet some friends at a bar in Hoboken for a birthday....

little did I know that he had planned the entire night for us.


Before i knew it we were at the sushi restuarant where he had taken me on our first date which we hadn't been back to since. Our first date was such a great time and we both enjoyed ourselves over some delicious rolls, two bottles of wine, and great conversation. We were enjoying ourselves so much and it was a clear, mild night out so we ended up driving to the overlook in Weehawken to Hamilton park to take a stroll and look at the city skyline... This is where it got interesting - As we just finished walking down some steps of cobblestone my high heal (of course I was wearing super cute shoes and a dress for the first date) got caught in a hole and sure enough I went down - dress up and shoe damaged.... I didn't know whether to laugh or cry and he didn't know whether to help me up or ignore me.... we both decided that it was hilarious and laughed about it. All the while I am thinking that he will never talk to me again after this and I just blew up... but a year later - I found myself at the same spot with him on June 27th - taking a walk, after our dinner, and we went right to the same spot as we laughed about what had happened the year prior and how far we had come since then. That is when after a beautiful speech - he had tears in his eyes, a ring in his hand, and asked me to marry him!!!


We couldn't be happier to share the news and went to meet our friends to celebrate - it was such an amazing night that I will never forget



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