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Hi ladies :) I came into the den with a nice glass of wine to read all the lovely posts!! This is becoming one of my favorite relaxing moments of my week. :)  Welcome Carlota! Your English is beautiful! And congratulations...this has been such a wonderful place to connect with other brides and talk things through, and share ideas.  We also, in a small way, get to celebrate with them after their weddings, through the photographs, like we did with Shayla! 


As for the tipping- I am from New York, and we tip for everything...ugh. So yes, we are planning on tipping Vanessa. In NY it is customary to tip between 15%-20%, so we were thinking we would only tip on the cost of the actual wedding services, not the reception. Our wedding came to $2200, (not including the reception, or cocktail hour- this is only the cost of our actual wedding package) so we would tip Vanessa around $400 US dollars.I am hoping this is fair.She has been such a great help, and is really good at communicating with me. I think it is worth it. 


Carlota- it sounds like our wedding day will be very similar!!  We too, are getting married at the beach gazebo at 4 pm, followed by a cocktail hour, and finally the reception at La Laguna. (we will also be having a Spanish Trio play directly after the ceremony for our first dance). And my fiance too is from Italy! (although he is very American too...he came here as a baby). I will be sure to tell you how our day goes!! ( I have 65 days to go!)


Shayla- thank you again for the beautiful photos, you look  absolutely stunning!!  And also, thank you for sharing the idea of bringing a list for the photographer...that is a great idea. Im glad to hear that there wasn't too much stress without having a traditional rehearsal dinner...and your right...as long as the guys know what to do...I should be ok...:)


Mikeycelle- your dress is amazing!! oh my gosh!! The lace is stunning, and you will no doubt look beautiful :) As for favors...I will put up a photo below... we are doing OOT bags and favors, but only because we found these maracas for so little money. I know maracas might seem like the obvious choice for a wedding in Mexico, but they just seemed like so much fun- and they look really bright and happy :) We ordered them from a website called "Amols". We have 50 handpainted (from Mexico) maracas for under $60 (US dollars). 700

 Its funny how they made the trip from Mexico, to Texas where the Amols store is, to New York, where we live, and are going back to Mexico for our wedding.  We are tying ribbon with cards that have our names and our wedding date on them.


Karenk- your day is almost here!!! I am so excited for you!! Good to know you love the DJ App...I will be working with that sometime this week and next...and I am wishing happy thoughts for your wedding day :)


Jengullage- I am with you on the mens footwear...we finally decided on the outfits for the men...which, I have to say-was not easy! They are wearing leather slip on shoes from Italy. I told them they could wear flip flops but they chose the shoes.  I know you were asking about coral dresses...my bridesmaids are wearing coral dresses that are so pretty,from the Jordan line.  I am attaching a photo of the dress but it is shown in the ice pink color, not the coral.  The coral is a nice, bright tropical color-beautiful!  If you go to their website you will be able to see it...it is really pretty in person...I don't know how you feel about ordering online, but if everyone takes their measurements, I'm certain it will be fine :)

 CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90


Lauren-I was thinking about the same thing with the hot sand, as you and Jengullage were. I also ordered foot jewelry for myself and the girls, but I still want shoes to wear for the ceremony and reception. I will wear the foot jewelry on the beach, or maybe not even on that day but on the honeymoon...I don't know. I really would like to find some beautiful shoes but I am still looking!  Yes, my dress is in...and I love it!! I just need to have the train taken off and made into a sweep train...I don't want all that length in the back. Here is a photo- but please disregard my face! lol...I was looking at my dress with my hair and trying to decide what to do with it-wear it up or down, it gets so windy near the beach...so I look confused (or mad)...I wasn't! lol :)  I am trying to decide also on a belt or not- and if you girls could give me your two cents that would be great...thin sparkly belt or no belt? Decisions, decisions decisions!   Claire- I know you are anxiously awaiting your dress! I know it will be lovely!!!





Ok- well, my wine is gone, and I should go check on the fiance...I've ignored him enough for tonight!  :)

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Wow I've been out of town for a few days and missed so much! Welcome to all the newbies! And thanks for the advice Shayla re the photographer. So many amazing pictures - I absolutely LOVE your gowns Mickeycelle, Chreestena, and Shayla.


So we're leaving in less than a month for the wedding and I feel like there's so much to do! After sending Rocio an email a month ago to confirm the post-wedding dinner at Portofino followed by a cocktail reception, she finally wrote back saying she had lost her computer (??) and by now the Portofino is booked that night. Does anyone have any opinions on another good A la carte restaurants to book for our group? To help put the day into context we are looking at a 2pm Renewal of Vows Ceremony (hoping to get married in Canada first!), 6pm-ish dinner, 7:30-9:30 La Laguna cocktail reception with music etc. But I am certainly open (aka desperate) for suggestions!!

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¡¡¡Hola chicas!!! (Hello girls! -- You can practice some Spanish before arriving to Mexico, haha)


So thanks Chrestena and Kimmathes for your messages. 

Chrestena-- I think tiping Vanessa with 400 usd is really really fair. Ok, before I told you that in Spain is not typical to tip, but I really think that 400 usd is a very good tip. 

You have to notice that the salaries in Mexico are low. For what I knew when I was there in 2009, the normal salary of a Mexican person working in tourism is 80 usd per week. 


I imagine Vanessa earns more (Grand Palladium is a Spanish company not a Mexican one) but for this reason I think she is going to be very happy with your tip. 

And here comes other doubt, when are you thinking to give her the tip? I do not know when is the best moment: before the wedding (the day of the appoinment), the morning of the wedding, the day before... many doubts about this! 



About the sparkly belt Chrestena, I really think your dress is beautiful just as it is, with all this details that alredy has, so in my opinion you do not need a belt. It is not like you see the dress and you miss sth (i do not know if I am explaining well). Anyway, I have seen a lot of dresses with a belt but the most I have seen here in Spain is because they do not have the details that has your dress.


I alredy have my dress too... but not a photo! I have to make one next time I go to the store. I finally decided to buy one from the Spanish designer Rosa Clara. 




Kmmathes-- yes, it is a little odd that Rocio lose her computer... but anyway, I am making a private cocktail and dinner but I remember that the first time Vanessa  wrote me she told me that the options for not privates dinner were besides Portofino, the Mexican restaurant (La Adelita) and the Brazilian one (El Dorado). I do not know if this still like this, as her mail with this information was written seven months ago. 

For my experience when I was at Palladium, I do not like a lot the Brazilian. Altough the food was good the waiters were veeeeery slow!! 




And here comes another question for you all former and future brides: the cake!! I alredy have the top figurine but I am still thinking about the flavour! In Spain is not typical the cake, we just give a dessert in the weddings, but I thought that I would like something also typical from America.


This is my figurine, isnt it cute?



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Carlota, we need some different paperwork because our wedding will be a religious ceremony. I'm sure whatever Vanessa has asked you to bring will be correct. Chrestena your dress is beautiful, I would definitely go or the sparkly belt although its completely whatever you feel is best for you. Your maids dresses are lovely too an will look great in the bright coral! I like your maracas, especially because they're traditional Mexican... the guests will love them! Kmayhes wow it's so close for you now, this month will just fly in! I haven't been to the resort before so can't recommend another restaurant sorry, although I'm sure some if the other girls on here will have good suggestions for you. We're havin our ceremony a little later at 4 just because it might be a little cooler then (we're a July wedding) then dinner 6.30-8.30 followed by cocktail hour at las rocas 9-11 - just to give you an idea of our timings. It seems people have their times all different ways so just think about how you want your day to pan out and go with that. Claire

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Chrestena your dress is soooo beautiful!!  I love it!  What designer is it?  I think it looks great without the belt but definitely a sparkly belt if it's thin can only make it better! 

Kmathes I have hear fantastic things about El Dorado Steakhouse.   Someone recently mentioned in this thread that even being an Alberta girl (which I now am too - we're known for our beef) they thought it was great.  Also my administrator at work had her wedding dinner at that restaurant 2 years ago (also from Alberta) and loved it!  She said her family was very impressed as well.  That might be one to try!  I am interested in trying the Asian restaurant for the setting and I just love sushi!  Although the reviews on Trip Advisor aren't very good for that one from what I've read. so maybe one to try on your own, lol. 

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Oh also, thanks for giving us an exact number that you were thinking for the tip, Chrestena.  We also tip a lot and on everything here so I was kind of planning on tipping most of the people who work with us for our wedding, but especially Vanessa because she's been amazing.  Our wedding is not the legal ceremony but just symbolic so the base price is a bit cheaper - $1500.  Although with everything I've added on I'm sure our final number will be higher haha.  That is without any of the dinners which we're looking at least $3500 more as we're anticipating at least 50 people.  We have 40 booked already and that's just family.  Haha, I have a small town fiance with a big family!  Oh man, now I feel like I'm going to get sick!  We will be tipping on the cost of the wedding package though, maybe a bit more.  I was thinking $250-$300 USD.  When did you get your final bill as to what the wedding is costing you?i  I know we don't have to pay the balance until we get there, but hopefully we'll find out in advance the majority of the cost so that I can prepare.  Thanks!

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Hello girls!!


From today is just 5 months to get married!! I am alredy starting to be nervous! ahahaha

It seems like there are a lot of things to plan yet!

This week I am being quite busy with the wedding guests. We found a good offer from Spain for the guests and I am all the day with the phone solving all the doubts they have. 



Chrestena, I think your dress is beautiful just as it is. I love sparkly belts or details on the dresses (in fact, I was about to take one with sparks) but yours has that details alredy and in my opinion is perfect.

By another hand, I love the design of the maid dresses!! I am just going to have one maid of honor so she has decided to choose the design, although I am giving her details about the best colors, etc



Claire, thanks for the clarify the paperwork staff. Anyway, I had an email to send to Vanessa and I asked her again. I had alredy planned to ask her one month before the wedding.



Kmathes, to be honest it sounds weird what Rocio told you (she lost her computer??) but I think you also have another restaurants to make your supper. Which other options you have? Because I would highly recommend Punta Emilia if you have that option. 



Thanks everybody about the tip to Vanessa. Well, we have the Diamond package (2400 usd) so i do not really think in tipping her 200 usd or something. For us is too much to tip her with the 20% when we do not normally tip in Spain almost for nothing. 

I am agree with all of you, she is fantastic and nice. But my idea of tipping her is most related with the salaries of Mexico. 

What I know is that the minumum salary of a Mexican in Riviera Maya working in the tourism area is 60 usd per week. I am sure Vanessa earns more money for the kind of job she has and also because Grand Palladium is a Spanish hotel (Fiesta Group). 


Well, we have time to think yet! Now, other question about this is, when are you planning to give her the tip? During the meeting, the morning of the wedding or the day after?



Mytye2B, Vanessa told me the balance is paid at the check out, so I do not know if it possible to pay something before. I imagine they prefer at the check out to be sure everything is paid... i do not know...



Girls, one more question, which kind of wedding cake have you choosen? In Spain is not typical the wedding cakes, we have just the desserts, but we are introducing some typical American things to our wedding there and the cake is one of them.


I alredy have the figurines and we wanted it also with some tropical flowers but we are completely lost about the flavour!!  Vanessa told me that they can make any flavour so this is worst for me because I have loads to select!!!



Well, another guest is phoning me!! 



¡¡Un saludo chicas!! 

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Hey girls, Carlota we dont usually tip in the uk either so its an extra we're not used to. I think we would give our tip after the wedding day. If would be good to be able to pay more upfront although j can see why we would probably pay on check out, at least that way we can agree everything we are paying for. Im glad you found a good deal for your guests to travel and hope they are not giving you lots of difficulties! I think we're going to go for the traditional mexican cake which lots of people have said is really delicious. Traditionally we would have had a fruit or sponge cake but after a big meal most people wojldnt eat it anyway so thats why we've went Mexican!

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Hola Chicas! (did I get it right?) 


kmanthes- I'm sorry Rocio couldn't book your restaurant of choice...but I agree with Carlota, Punta Emilia is really nice- it's on the beach and so pretty, If I remember correctly, it's near Las Rocas- the outdoor cocktail lounge and saltwater pool. We had dinner there and loved it! We also liked La Adelita, the Mexican restaurant...it was fun as well...the staff put a huge sombrero on my fiance and gave me a gun and then t hey took a photo. Good food though, so I think you will be ok where ever you decide to book.


Oh, I thought we could pay a little of our bill in advance too...it doesn't seem that way from what I am reading in these posts. I didn't talk about that with Vanessa yet, but I was actually going to write to her this evening and discuss it as we only have about 60 days til our wedding...I wanted to knock that down a bit, but yes, it makes sense to have to pay the total after all is done. 


Carlota- I agree with Claire and will most likely tip Vanessa after the wedding...that is usually customary here in the states. And your cake topper is adorable!  


Thank you ladies for the kind words about my dress...I do really love it :) Lauren- the designer is Maggie Sottero :)


And cake...I don't know either! I only told her I would love a white layered cake, with fresh flowers on it...I didn't even think about what flavor. 

And I still can't find shoes...lol...usually I find shoes I love and have to buy, when I don't even need them...now I really need a beautiful pair.


I just ordered a "Bride" hangar for the dress, and my mother is making a banner for our sweetheart table that says "Baci"...(kisses in Italian, for my fiance)


What are the choices for the cake? Vanessa never asked me about flavors?  


Thanks ladies!! Have a great night!!



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