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Bridezilla Moment!!! Need to change the date!

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Dont worry, is much better now than after, also you are being very nice to the Catholic members in your family, they will appreciate your gesture.

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Thanks to everybody for being so nice!


I ask some people in my family and they did say it could be a bad omen, so the new date is March 13th (Friday, but I don't think is bad luck is just a Hollywood thing). I called all my vendors, and all of them had the date available, yupi!


So I'm just really concern about my dress (and my weight!! Need to lose 10 more pounds), music, furniture and cake.

Location, flowers, canopy, photographer, food and minister it's all ok! smile123.gif


My biggest concern right now is to send the invitations asap! Hopefully by next week they will be on their way.

But like some of you guys said, better found out now and not in two months! jajaja

Always see the bright side! Thanks and good luck to everybody too!

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